Workwear Forensic Togas and "Jackets" Uniforms

Tailoring of Excellence for Women and Men

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Sartoria Giacoppo packs Forensic Tires, Uniforms and Workwear in its headquarters a Messina, distinguishing itself for style and accuracy. Thanks to his many years of experience, the teacher Jacketed Tailor he also realizes tailor made work for Man and Woman of fine workmanship.


Workwear and Forensic Toghe "Giacoppo" in Messina - Made to Measure and Uniform Suits

Workwear and Forensic Togas are some of the accurate creations made by Sartoria Giacoppo and execute a Messina sartorial work tailor-made for Man and Woman. The Jacketed Tailor he has obtained recognition and appreciation from all the loyal customers who have turned to him over the years. Thanks to the care and dedication in the creation of tailored garments for Man and Woman Sartoria Giacoppo has over time become a guarantee of style and craftsmanship for bespoke clothing. The artisan mastery of Giacoppo, acquired through years of work, is evident in every garment made of quality fabrics.


Forensic Togas and Work Uniforms "Giacoppo" - Togas for lawyers and magistrates throughout Italy

In addition to Work uniforms dressmaking "Giacoppo", a Messina, is specialized in particular in the creation of Togas tailored to Lawyers and magistrates. togas they are taken care of in every detail, always satisfying the customer's needs and are entirely hand-made and made of high quality fabrics. The teacher Giacoppo enjoys a reputation such that the Customized Forensic Togas from him packaged they are also sought outside di Messina. The exclusivity of the garment, tailor-made for you according to your requests, is enhanced by the packaging of all the craftsmanship and the sartorial mastery of the master Giacoppo.


Sartoria Giacoppo in Messina - Exclusivity and craftsmanship

In addition to the numerous types of workwear Sartoria Giacoppo tailor-made clothes of all sorts, with exclusive fabrics and - on request - with personalized embroidery. A Tailoring Man and Woman ideal for those who do not want to give up originality and want to enhance elegance, both for everyday clothes and for ceremonies. Whatever garment you want, the Sartoria Giacoppo a Messina It is able to achieve it: just describe your idea or seek advice from the master tailor.


Sartoria di Pregio for Uniforms and Workwear

Giacoppo it is undoubtedly among the tailors of greater prestige of the City of the Strait, thanks to the experience and the craftsmanship of its founder, the master tailor Jacob. Since most of 40 years, the Tailor messinese realizes the wishes of its fellow citizens and loyal customers throughout Italy with tailored garments with excellent craftsmanship. If among the strengths, the dressmaking can boast the realization of Forens Toghe made entirely by hand Lawyers and Magistrates, it also stands out for all other types of Uniforms e Workwear. Finally, elegance, craft tradition and style are further distinctive traits that Giacoppo has always offered to all its customers.


  • Address: Via Nino Bixio, 132
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98123
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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