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Shop a Palermo, Specializing in Aquariums, Fish and Tropical Plants. the concept "Furniture Nature": The Company customizes your private or professional spaces with installations that recreate real corners of nature! Furthermore, Feed, Conditioners & Filtration high quality.


Aquarium shop in Palermo - Nature Furniture

Shop, the Palermo, which belongs to the brand Fish Ok!, A format aimed at real enthusiasts aquariology, Who want to find professionalism, selection and convenience for everything related to their passion. The shop, the PalermoIt looks like a real boutique Nature furnishing where, along with a wide exposure of hundreds of Fish and Tropical Plants, You can see some real Nature of angles with the area "Biotopes of the World"Where are presented of faithful reproductions of aquatic environments distinguished by their geographical origin (Amazon biotope, biotope Lakes Malawi, Biotopo Barrier Reef Indonesian, and many others).


Nature furnishing Aquariums in Palermo - Fish and Tropical Plants

I Fishes and Tropical plants in the store, the Palermo, mainly come from selected farms from PTL Group from Israeli and European suppliers. This allows the Shop offer Tropical Fish that they are played and raised with values ​​of water ideal for Aquariums Europeans. A Palermo, is a real boutique, where the colors, the aromas and the many original areas, such as Biotopes Aquariums area from the world, original gift ideas, living favors and other features, In addition to the many Fish and Tropical Plants and rarities from the world, creating a unique atmosphere and never seen in a shop Aquariums or in a simple shop Fish and Tropical Plants in Italy. Furthermore, Feed, Conditioners & Filtration high quality: a complete line of specialized and professional products in packaging and attractive prices for Fishes e Tropical plants.


Fish and Tropical Plants in Palermo - Not Just Aquariums

The flagship of Palermo, is certainly the installation of natural corners, with the creation of spectacular Bio Aquariums, Flying Gardens, Waterfalls interiors, Living Paintings realizing faithful of exotic nature views, with Fishes e Tropical plants e furnishing of specific geographical areas, such as the Amazon. In Shop, the Palermo, you will find hundreds of varieties of Tropical Fish, Plants and coralli, from all over the world, from the most common to rare unseen, healthy fish and accommodated by the parent PTL (since 1993)Selected by European and Israeli farmers. Not only Aquariums therefore, but real nature of angles for the 'Furniture of your home, your office or your business.


Aquariums in Palermo - Gift Ideas and Living Favors

Shop, the Palermo, which belongs to the brand Fish Ok!, "The Franchise dell'Arredo Nature, Gift Ideas and Favors Living", that is, you will find original, unique and never-seen-before ideas, such as Japanese Kokedama (The pearls of moss), the extraordinary Tillandsia (The plants of the air). , under the brand and our brand, with the line feed PFOOD OK! and the line bioconditioners PWATER OK! and the line of filter materials PFilter OK! You can only find the best a Palermo: Furnishing Nature, aquariums, Fish and Tropical Plants, Gift Ideas and Favors Living.


  • Country: Italy

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