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The aquarium a Messina is the shop for lovers of fish who want the best products and accessories for theirs aquariums. He specializes in aquariums and aquarium and at the store you can find a vast assortment of items to make and enrich yours aquarium.


The aquarium - The kingdom for lovers of aquarism in Messina

The Aquarium is the reference center in the sectors ofFishkeeping e aquariology a Messina. Here, fans of fish of aquatic ecosystems they will find everything for Aquariums, Plants and Accessories for them fishes. Among the most well stocked centers aquaristics, it was uno gods first shops di aquariology a Messina. It was born in 1990 thanks to Valerio Rizzo, expert Marine biologist who wanted to open a center dedicated to fans of Aquarium of the city. Here he provides everyone with great competence, dispensing wise advice for realizzare e to maintain your best aquatic ecosystemAmong the many strengths, the shop specializes in tropical marine aquariology e tropical Dolce, with the availability of many rare specimens, above all Discus, to whom The Aquarium he also won national contests. The owner, Valerio, before starting the commercial activity, he matured a very rich path behind him, thanks to which he now boasts many skills: he obtained a Master's Degree in Aquaculture at the 'University of Padua and a degree in Biology and Marine Ecology at the 'University of Messina, with full marks. He then attended numerous refresher courses and today he gives lessons in Aquarium for both students and professionals.


Your aquarium on loan for use in Messina: beauty

Those who want to embellish their home or business with the colors and liveliness of a aquarium, without worrying about anything, can take advantage of the possibility of having a Aquarium on loan for use. It is a service offered by the center to meet the lovers' desire for beauty fish. Valerio's Team will take care of everything because yours aquarium both beautiful and well kept over time. With a small monthly contribution, based on the package chosen, you can create a magic aquatic ecosystem in the environment you prefer. At your disposal, different combinations: natural or fantasy aquariums with decorations and aerator, maintenance, plants with CO2 system and more or less elaborate scenarios depending on the package chosen. Aquariums with tropical fish and cold water, fresh or sea water environments and much more. The staff will be happy to provide you with a service assistance to private e companies with installation e maintenance of yours customized aquariums. Among the other competences of the center, knowledge in the terraristic field must also be highlighted, with the availability of the best brands for terrariums e water / terrariums.


  • Address: Via Cesare Battisti, 271
  • City: Messina
  • Region: ME
  • POSTAL CODE: 98123
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy

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