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Purchase diesel and fuel oil a Messina: la Orazio Gugliandolo company is a reference point for the Sicily and Calabria in the field of oil products. In particular, the company markets diesel for the 'automotive, for the heating and for the 'self of energy with the generators. There is also no lack ofheavy fuel oil BTZ andBTZ fluid fuel oil, la naphtha he lubricating oils.


Purchase of diesel and fuel oil in Messina: Orazio Gugliandolo supplies energy in Sicily and Calabria

L'purchase di diesel and fuel oil is the core business of company from Messina Horace Gugliandolo. Authentic point of reference for the whole Sicilian and Calabrian territory, the company offers the trade of different qualities of diesel e oil products that meet high quality and energy standards. THE fuels liquid, being intended for exothermic processesare in fact delicate elements to be treated. You must always turn to reliable and experienced professionals.


Purchase of fuel oil, diesel oil and lubricating oils: a company renowned throughout the Strait in the field of Hydrocarbons

Real wholesale of energy sector, the Gugliandolo company deals with the sale of numerous types of diesel e liquid fuels. Among the many types, you can contact the company for diesel for self-production of energy. This mixture di hydrocarbons is of fundamental importance to guarantee the continuity service of theself-produced electricity. It is used in fact to feed i generators.


Diesel for automotive and heating: the company Orazio Gugliandolo supplies safe oil products

Petroleum, diesel for haulage e liquid fuels: it is always good to rely on expert and reliable suppliers, considering the high Flash of the products in question. Thanks to the great experience and scrupulousness, the Orazio Gugliandolo company, the Messina, has gained over time the role of first point of reference instrait area for the marketing of oil products. THE'wholesale it also oils BTZ both fluid and dense e naphtha.


Wholesale of the main fuels for companies: at the company you will find diesel for summer and winter months

Horace Gugliandolo offers diesel excellent choice for the summer months and diesel fuel added - 20 for the winter months. The efficient service of storage at the deposits owned by the company of Messina makes the company a point of reference for industries that need to fuel oils in order to feed him blast furnaces. Design engineers and specialized operators strengthen technological levels every day in the marketing of our products. From heating oil to lubricating oils, L 'wholesale since 1958 it has only offered high caliber services.


  • Address: Via Nuova Panoramica, 580 (Salita Fosse)
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98167
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy

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