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Ale and Franz Salons for Women a Messina has a great deal of experience in the specific treatments for the care to the hair, that make this center a real point of reference for aesthetics and image care.


Hairdressers Donna Messina - Consultants Specialists EKS

Ale and Franz Hair for Women in Messina are specialized consultants Eksperience: thanks to the use of a tricocamera with enlargement at 300 times, we identify the most frequent problems that can be found on the scalp. Ale e Franz Hairdresser offers its customers advice tricologica careful and precise, making this service a flagship of the center. The treatments available in our salon are:

  • EKSperience Night: the new reality in the world of Welfare. Through treatments that include massages at scalp, you will discover the exclusive relaxation service, remembering that wellness starts right from the head.
  • EKSperience Party: for groups of at least 4 people who want to spend time together taking care of their own hair and make-up, reserving the salon exclusively.
  • Color Harmony Do It Yourself: mini course for those who like to treat theirs hair at home and want professional advice in choosing and implementing their new one look.

For groups of at least 4 people evening service by 19: 00 22 to: 00 by appointment.For groups of at least 4 people evening service by 19: 00 22 to: 00 appointment.  


Hairdressers Donna Experts Color Harmony

Ale and Franz Salons for Women a Messina are experienced Color Harmony: they offer a complete consultation to the clientele for the creation of the look more appropriate, taking into account the factor aesthetic e morphological and above all by interpreting the element at its best Personality. The end result is a Jimi Hendrix adequate, comfortable on every occasion and cared for in detail, just like i Masters d'image they can do.


Reconstruction of Professional Capello and Hot Keratin Seal

Ale and Franz Hairdressers for Women a Messina, in addition to aesthetics that certainly has a decisive role in the figure of the Woman, the work of real treatments Wellness using the Thalassotherapy, reconstruction of hair, anti-parasite treatment ed extension. With the help of a Seal keratin a Hot, our professionals prevent the recurrence of split ends, thus avoiding having to shorten the length of yours hair. Your hair, after a treatment of 3 hours will result light, soft, gentle to the touch and will keep the crease longer.


Ale and Franz Hairdressers - Bride Hairstyle and Makeup

Ale and Franz Salons for Women a Messina offer their customers a series of services, increasingly appreciated over time. Among the most requested, the Personalized Bride Program (PPS) that will organize in the salon, treatments for hair e face in the established times, also taking care of the supply di wigs, combing e trick for your general image.


New innovative services: "Glitter Tattoo" and glove coloring with Hyaluronic Acid

Il Hairdresser Salon for Donna Ale and Franz is always up to date on the latest news and trends in the field of style e beauty, proposing the new service of "Glittered Tattoo"made entirely by hand, to highlight yours image. Also on request you can also choose a solution for the coloration of your hair, through the use of Hyaluronic acid, which will make your hair bright giving them tonicity, elasticity, silkiness e brightness. A will also be applied contextually Glove all 'Hyaluronic acid to the hands of the customer, to have the benefits of this innovative treatment also on the skin, which will result rehydrated e toned after a few moments from the application.


  • Address: Via Valeria 11 Consular / F
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98124
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy

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