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A true oasis of efficiency and professionalism overlooking the Strait of Messina

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IP Service Area in MessinaIn the Paradiso, it is a reference point for all motorists of the City and includes many features including car wash fast, Car accessories and spare parts, Facilitated dieselExercise Area Bars and Cafes but mostly it is the only one in the North Riviera to be equipped with a wharf in the Sea Supply Vessels boats.


IP service in Messina area: Efficiency and Professionalism

If you are looking for a point of reference in the city for your Car, IP Service Area, On the north coast of Messina, in the Paradiso it is certainly one of the most known and appreciated by automobilitsti Messina and those transiting resort town to town; experienced and qualified staff will take care of your car, as well as for the Fuel supply, For all common routine maintenance of your car or commercial means; In fact, you can make the change or addition motor oil, Change windshield wipers, Replace the battery or take advantage of Automatic washing made with quality products.

IP Service Area in Messina: Filling of Vessels with Jetty in Sea

For all owners of Boats and vessels transiting the Strait of Messina the IP service area on the Riviera Paradise is the only one able to offer a service of Refueling directly to the sea with the help of a jetty where boats can moor comfortably; a fast and efficient service made possible by a Qualified staff which assists the customer in all phases: from docking to refuel. Guests and the boat's crew during the stop of supply can safely go ashore and enjoy a great coffee or pick up supplies at the corner bar provided. The IP Services area provides the boats VHF channel - 8 is to book the availability of the wharf that any need for assistance.

IP service in Messina area: Car wash and Oil Facilitated

IP Service Area on the Riviera in Paradise It is one of the most known and appreciated in town especially for the Car wash service; quick and fast even for Moto ensures an excellent result for both indoor and outdoor, respecting your car thanks to the use of specific products and a qualified staff that, in just 20 minutes, will shine your car.


Always Available Diesel fuel for boats

If you are traveling with your boat and passed through the Strait of Messina or look for an area of Refueling where you can also take advantage of the many services for your car: Car Wash - Accessories - Spare parts, or to taste a good coffee or breakfast overlooking one of the most beautiful views in the world; passed by 'IP Service Area on the Riviera Paradise in Messina


  • Address: Via Consolare Pompea Paradiso
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98167
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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