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60 years at your service.

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Installation and Maintenance of Lifts is the field of expertise in which it has specialized over 50 years "Elevatori Liguria Srl", a company based in Genoa and operational throughout Italy inInstallation, Design and Implementation of Lifting systems of all types, also ensuring certified and repair services Maintenance.

Lifts and elevators - Design Construction and Maintenance of lifting systems in Genoa

Elevators ed Elevators they are plants that need valid professionals to be sure they have a reliable system, solid and robust, able to lift people up in complete safety. "Elevatori Liguria Srl", based in Genoa , gives this certainty throughout Liguria and in any other place where theInstallation and Maintenance di Installations, thanks to the experience and specialized skills of the professionals who work there and who have over 50 years of activity in the sector.

Elevators and Elevators designed and installed by lift operators and professionals

Un lift it is usually made up of a cabin that is raised by a electric motor. The rules that regulate the realization and design of lifts and elevators they aim, of course, to protect the safety of passengers carried in every situation. To guarantee this, only engineers ed elevator operators specially trained can take care of the Design, realization and installation of Elevators. Among the most reliable companies in Liguria for the high preparation of his staff, "Elevators Liguria"is the one with the most experience thanks to the long journey that has made it an authoritative and esteemed reality over the decades.

Liguria Elevators - A solid reputation that reaches beyond the borders of Genoa and Liguria

In addition to the design and theInstallation di Elevators, the firm excels even outside the Genoese and regional borders also for the operations of Repair e Maintenance of the installations. The continuous updating of the expert owners and all the collaborators allows them to carry out scrupulous, careful and punctual interventions, able to repair any type of fault of your lift o elevator. The services of Maintenance they are instead performed to maintain the functionality and efficiency of the plants in all their components over the years. The company is also specialized in Small plants near old buildings also with stairs. The facilities are keys in hand.

Your safety is our first thought

The safety of transported passengers is the first concern of our professionals. For this reason, during each phase of the Design and dell 'installation di Lifts and hoists, all the norms in force in the field are followed scrupulously safety and protection of the safety of passengers and operators themselves.
Immediate availability to carry out custom quotes for the modernization of your old man lifting system or for theInstallation of a new one with the possibility of deferred payments.


  • Address: Walls of the Zerbino, 3
  • City: Genoa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16122
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy

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