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Moms Day. Family Educational Project in Support of Families.

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Baby House Tagesmutter, In Via IV Novembre in 28 mascalucia and Via Italian Partisans 8 a Catania, and a little' Nursery, a bit' Baby Sitter, a bit' Afterschool, A little 'a ... Family.

Educational Project FamilyFirst in Sicily, run by young mothers in a secure environment and with operators Qualifying for Children and Youth by 3 24 months to years. Practical help to families in time of crisis.


Baby House Tagesmutter a Mascalucia and Catania - Family Educational Reality

Baby House Tagesmutter is a Social Cooperative run by young mothers with two locations a mascalucia and CataniaThis is a complementary service to the nursery, which can provide flexible and differentiated answers to the needs of parents. A consolidated reality in Northern Europe e only in Sicily, it allows families to “entrust their own in a stable and continuous way children to educational operators (Tagesmütter), Which provide education and care in a family environment. " Baby House Tagesmutter is un safe and quiet place where young mothers are concerned with finding solutions to other mothers in difficulty at very low prices, just a minimum recovery cost to be helped by helping.


After school, Baby Sitter, Nursery: educational projects and much more

In a period of severe crisis for Families, Baby House Tagesmuttera mascalucia e Catania, Has created a family reality, in order to offer a welcoming and attentive solution to the needs of parents with Kindergarten age children and / or support for children in elementary, middle and high school. Afterschool, Baby Sitter, Nursery, but also Gioco Terapeutico, Locomotion, Speech Therapy Interventions, Laboratori of painting, kitchen, study and play-movement: the Tagesmutter  not just simple Baby sitter but real "Moms of the Day" that address the Kids and to Boys from 3 months to 24 years with a Educational Project differentiated by age groups and in groups of up to 5 Children / Teens. But the Social Cooperative Baby House Tagesmuttera mascalucia e Catania, goals are to provide a Support to Families, Concrete help to manage family life and raising children with the right care and reduced prices.


Baby House Tagesmutter a Mascalucia and Catania - A Help for Families 

Baby House Tagesmutter It is a Cooperative Society with two locations, a mascalucia and Catania, Which offers to Families with economic difficulties or of time (for example, in cases where both parents work all day) a Family Educational service that goes beyond the simple Afterschool ol 'Nursery. Some of Services (Which you can see in detail HERE):

  • Tageschool: Learning, school support, After-school and beyond;
  • Tagesmütter: Support to Families, Nursery, Gaming Laboratories Didactic and more;
  • Tageslunch: Lunch, Dinner, Snack for you Mum and for your children starting from 1 €;
  • Tata Express: service Baby Sitter day and night, for emergencies or to carve out some time for yourself and for your partner;
  • Creation of Events: Organize birthday parties with care and love (in one location or at home Mascalucia).


Baby House Tagesmutter a Mascalucia and Catania - Your Mom's Day

Tagesmutter è Educational Project Family run by young non-working mothers who, thanks to the use of this service, can use the services offered for free The Tagesmutter It is well established in Northern Europe and is focused on Support to Families that for time or cost are afraid of not being able to better manage the education and care of their children. AfterschoolBaby SitterNursery and much more. The concept that drives the Social Cooperative Tagesmutter, First in Sicily to bring this reality, it is to FAMILY: a reference point in which the moms and educators meet and support each other to offer their children / teens loving care and support in the event of school gaps. All done in a family environment and protected under the watchful eyes of expert and qualified operators. Baby House Tagesmutter, a mascalucia and Catania, It is the real support for your family.


  • Address: Via IV Novembre, 28
  • Headquarters 2: Via Italian Partisans, 8 - Catania
  • City: mascalucia
  • POSTAL CODE: 95030
  • Region: CT
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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