"Special Son" Amateur Sports Association

Fitness Center for Courses only.

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"Special Son" Amateur Sports Association It was born in Messina from a desire: that of a mother, proud of her child, of building one healthy reality to root a lasting memory in the city based on the greatest passions of the child: lo Sports, physical well-being, the Fitness e a style of healthy life.

"Special Son" Amateur Sports Association - Fitness Center of Soli Corsi in Messina

ASD e Fitness center, "Special Son"It already evokes the origin and the reason for its foundation from its name Patrizia Scaglione a Messina, the association is the result of a dream: to found one gym that is a place of well-being and that also reminds the child Andrea [Read Here], prematurely and cruelly disappeared due to a traffic accident. Andrea he was known in Messina, despite his very young age, thanks to the countless cultural, sporting and musical initiatives of which he was the architect. THE'ASD "Special Son" he therefore wants to be a tribute to one of his greatest passions: Sports, Fitness and a life lived in the name of a healthy style.

"Special Son" Amateur Sports Association - Sport Courses for Healthy Living

L'Association, which wants to be sporty and cultural together, born in October 2018 and from the beginning has gathered around him the participation and affection not only of all fans of Sports, but also of all those who knew well the preparation and dedication of Andrea and of the mother Patrizia for sports training and the world of Fitness.

Sports Courses and Caribbean Dances

Among the courses already active, you will find at the "Special Son" Gym: Jazzercise, Group Sparring, Zumba, Circuit Training, Functional Training, Suspension, Piloxing, Caribbean Dances for adults and children. In the Holistic area, the courses are activated Pilates and Postural Gymnastics. The gym also offers the exclusive training courses of Body Pump di Les Mills.

18 Sports Courses in total for a complete training program

The training programs that will enrich the already rich program of the program are numerous and varied lecture. Dance Modern, Dance acrobatic, Hip-Hop, Oriental dances, Judo, Martial Arts and many other disciplines that will be imparted with great passion and commitment by all the highly trained instructors present. Patrizia Scaglione, passionate instructor with 30 years of experience in the field of Fitness, he will take care of always offering the best at this gym that wants to be, at the same time, a bulwark of well-being and a fond memory of the child.


  • Address: Via Maddalena, 8
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98123
  • Province: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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