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The dealer with a surprising range

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Cars, Motorcycles, Scooters e Electric bikes: the Car Dealership to the Fratelli Saccuzzo offers Floridia, Syracuse, a vast assortment of vehicles, both new and used. You can rent here auto e motorcycle and you will find Scooter starting from 50cc up to three wheels. At i Fratelli Saccuzzo you will also find the powerful motorcycle Royal Enfield.


Cars, motorcycles, scooters and electric bikes in Floridia, Syracuse: the Saccuzzo dealership amazes with its cars

Cars, motorcycles and multi-brand scooters are the main ones cars proposals from Dealership of the Brothers Saccuzzo a Floridia, SIRACUSA. To report also an efficient service of rental which is characterized by punctuality and courtesy. Included in the wide range, too Electric bikes e Mountain biking with which you can move without generating any impact on the environment. We wish to give to each automobilista il vehicle who wishes without having to spend exorbitant amounts. For this reason, we offer the business of rental di motorcycles, cars, scooters e electric bikes, available at Saccuzzo dealership also with the formula of the long term.


Cars, motorcycles and electric bikes that will take you far and safely to Syracuse

Motorcycles, bikes e electric scooters are vehicles that you can buy or rent in Floridia at i Fratelli Saccuzzo with the formula you prefer. They are, in fact, available Tailored financing for the purchase of cars, motorcycles and bicycles. The Dealership was born in the 50 years as Authorized Fiat workshop and, thanks to the competence of Rosario Saccuzzo, manages to stand out from the start. Today it is the children who honor the well-stocked person car park, also thanks to the branch resale and all 'Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Jeep workshop.


Historic dealership in Floridia, Syracuse: here you can admire the Royal Enfields

By Fratelli Saccuzzo, also the used cars and second-hand are in excellent condition. In that mechanical workshop professional, I Fratelli Saccuzzo operate on vehicles guaranteeing the use of spare parts best. The performances of the engines maintained guarantee efficient performance and resistance. As for cars new, here you can admire the true cultural icons of the 60 years: le Royal Enfield.


Electric rental of motorcycles, bicycles and scooters, insurance and tailored financing in Floridia

I Fratelli Saccuzzo guarantee a complete service for centaurs e motorists. In addition to rental di scooter e electric bikes, here you can insure the vehicles chosen and buy them thanks to subsidized loans. In fact, the company will welcome you with the availability that has contributed to making their reputation stainless. They are carried out test-ride on the road.


  • Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 679
  • City: Floridia
  • POSTAL CODE: 96014
  • Region: SR
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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