Bar of the "Le Nostre Bontà" Station - Milazzo

Moments of taste and relaxation.

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Bar of the "Our Goodness" Station it is a welcoming point of arrival and departure at the station of Milazzo, born to offer pleasant moments of taste and relaxation between one trip and another.

"Le Nostre Bontà" Station Bar - An oasis of goodness at Milazzo Station

Il Bar of the "Our Goodness" Station It is a happy island full of good things that offers pleasant moments of relaxation to travelers who depart or arrive at Milazzo. The restaurant offers many types of snacks, drinks, biscuits and confectionery preparations. You can enjoy excellent coffee-based breakfasts. cappuccinos, croissants, biscuits, puff pastries and many types of pastries.

Bar of the "Our Goodness" Station - Aperitifs, Snacks and Lunch Break

The goodness and local specialties that the Bar of the "Le Nostre Bontà" Station puts every day at your disposal include a wide offer with appetizers, snacks and appetizing proposals for yours Lunch breaks. The Bar of the "Our Goodness" Station indeed, he has a qualified person Chef, which every day is at your disposal to prepare the most delicious specialties of Sicilian gastronomy.

A Chef at your disposal at the Bar of the Station in Milazzo

All the most famous delicacies of the Sicilian cooking, menus updated daily and rich in gastronomic specialties appreciated beyond the national borders, attention to the genuineness of the ingredients and local products: these are the main elements of the lunch breaks that you will find at the Bar of the "Our Goodness" Station. One is in fact present here Qualified chef, ready to prepare first, second, side dishes and salads for Unbeatable lunch breaks.

"Le Nostre Bontà" awaits you every day at the Milazzo Station

Whether you have just arrived or are leaving, whether you are in transit or just returned after a long journey, the Bar of the "Le Nostre Bontà" Station it is there to offer pleasant moments of refreshment, taste and relaxation. A sweet combination of local specialties, courtesy and tasty delicacies will be an exceptional welcome.


  • Address: Via degli Orti, 10
  • City: Milazzo
  • POSTAL CODE: 98057
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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