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Production and Sale of Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes - Made in Italy

Company that offers a complete line of Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes with many pleasant flavors and in different gradations of Nicotine, putting the highest quality and above all the maximum Approval by the customer, now able to provide also the Neutral bases "Start" and the new line of Aromas "High" high concentration.

Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes Made in Italy

Company which is placed on the Italian market with an "aggressive" commercial strategy from the point of view of price, targeting both the general consumer public and directly to stores, thanks also to the simplicity of ordering and receiving delivery through the new Online Store.

Innovative company that, with the partnership of Tetralab, produces in Italy liquids specifically created for electronic cigarettes. We ensure the production in accordance with the law, the raw materials and the quality of the aromas used are of Provenance Natural Documented.

Even the environments where they are produced liquids are absolutely certified with scrupulous "Assessment of environmental contamination" proving to be within the required parameters.

The ingredients used meet the standards set by European Pharmacopoeia and thus in line with the characteristics required by the laws. Our Liquids are analyzed by our laboratory accredited to the Italian institution ACCREDIA that certify the quality.

Great attention is also intended for packaging where you only use bottles made with material for foods, equipped with cap with safety device for children, dropper and even tamper protection, so that the end customer can have the certainty that the liquid has not been diluted or altered.

The bottles of Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes produced by the Shop are equipped with a guarantee seal and marketed in compliance with the regulations in force regarding correct labeling. The density of the liquid is optimized to allow intense vaporization and at the same time avoid the production of excessive residues that can create problems for the atomizers.

Many Tastes for All Tastes Conveniently Online

At the moment the shop offers bottles by 10 ml 21 flavors and four different shades:

  • Liquids for Electronic Cigarette Nicotine 0
  • Liquids for Electronic Cigarette nicotine 0,6
  • Liquids for Electronic Cigarette nicotine 0,9
  • Liquids for Electronic Cigarette nicotine 1,8
You can shop comfortably from New Online Web Store and receive your delivery at home by taking advantage of promotions and discounts reserved to the subscribers of periodicals News Letter.
If you are fond of "SVAPO World" and keep to the highest quality choose a Made in Italy product; choose the Shop - Production and Sale of Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes.


  • Country: Italy

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