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Agreement activated between TrovaWeb and Sicindustria: our web services at favorable conditions

Web visibility services are now even more accessible for traders and entrepreneurs.

Agreement between TrovaWeb and Sicindustria

We have already talked about the great satisfaction we have had since FindWeb team on the occasion of the election of president of the section Digital di Sicindustria. Today we are also talking about the agreement signed on this occasion. 

We left you with the exciting appointment of president area of Digital section di Sicindustria. Precisely on this occasion, our CEO, Caterina Doddis, had been nominated vice president of the same section.

We told you how much joy, enthusiasm and satisfaction all this aroused in each member of the Team. Than it had pushed us even more to work hard and with determination every day to sow even more and reap even more results. Today we can tell you about another of these goals.


The agreement signed between TrovaWeb and Sicindustria that makes visibility services for companies more accessible

La agreement between Sicindustria and TrovaWeb it was signed on the occasion of the appointment of the president.
It's this one convention between the two institutions promises to be very fruitful not only for the two realities, but above all for all of them companies and Sicilian companies who will benefit from it. The convention gives in fact to Sicindustria the opportunity to resell Innovative TrovaWeb visibility services at very low prices


Our online visibility services at exceptionally favorable conditions thanks to Sicindustria

The offer made possible by the partnership with Sicindustria it concerns the Gold Multimedia Showcase: the most complete and rich showcase among the web products of our startup. There Gold solution is designed as a real mini-site, one web page structured to attract the curiosity of surfers and, above all, the interest of Search engine. La Gold Multimedia Showcase it is carefully crafted to show yours in an attractive way professional activity and the services you offer. The service is dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses, commercial and local activities of all kinds. Each element of the Showcase is developed to enhance the strengths of your business. But above all it is optimized from every point of view to position yours web page su Google, Search engine most clicked by web surfers.


Low cost visibility: with Sicindustria and TrovaWeb you will make your business fly at prices never seen before

La visibility on the web usually has a cost: between communication agencies with exorbitant figures, sponsorships, ads and paid ads small and medium-sized enterprises she often finds herself forced to give up having visibility. With great loss to his business. Here then he takes the field TrovaWeb to breathe, visibility and the opportunity to build a strong business at exceptionally low prices. The costs, originally conceived to be low cost, now become even lower for Sicilian companies who will join the convention. L'offering made possible by Sicindustria in fact, it costs only 400€ VAT includedinstead of the 549,00 price list. Find the convention at this link: https://www.sicindustria.eu/trovaweb.html 


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