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A prestigious award for TrovaWeb: the Vice-Presidency of Sicindustria Digital section

The Vice-Presidency of Sicindustria crowns a period of great achievements

Sicindustria gives the Vice-Presidency to Trovaweb

TrovaWeb, with its distinguished representation composed of Caterina Doddis e Gianni Arena, received a coveted recognition also in Palermo, at the headquarters ofIndustrial Association of the major Sicilian provinces, together with many expressions of esteem and appreciation for the promising project of the Messina startup.

Great satisfaction therefore for the delegation of TrovaWeb which then received the great honor of Vice-presidency in the person of Caterina Doddis, CEO of the Messina start-up. Here are the highlights of the day.


Important meetings in Palermo: TrovaWeb promising member of Sicindustria

The month of September brought another great gratification to Sicilian startup now famous throughout Italy. Indeed, the session at the Sicindustria headquarters was a very fruitful and interesting session, which took place in the presence of most influential Sicilian entrepreneurs and high-level professional personalities, who met to elect the president of the section Technology and Digital


Fruitful exchanges between high exponents of the world of technology

The personalities encountered during the election session of Presidency e Vice-presidency were a source of great inspiration for the TrovaWeb delegation. Among these, in particular, Alessia Bivona, journalist and press officer, stood out for her professionalism, ability and sensitivity. Another productive and very stimulating meeting was the one with the engineer Sonia Ferrara, another notable professional and manager of the Economics and Business sector.


The meeting with the top management of Sicilian companies and great exponents of the Digital sector 

A climate of great mutual esteem and admiration was immediately created from the first moments of the session, which took place around the Presidential table. And already here the first certificate of esteem from all present arrived, to the point of wanting to entrust the Presidency of Sicindustria to the CEO of TrovaWeb, Caterina Doddis. It is useless to underline the great honor felt, for a proposal that was yet another proof of the excellent work done so far. Gratitude and gratitude were the main feelings felt, mixed with a great responsibility at the idea of ​​carrying out such a demanding and prestigious assignment.


The election to the Sicindustria Presidential Table

After the decline of the very flattering proposal, the Presidency of the section Technology and Digital has been attributed to Fabrizio Bignardelli, former professor of Business Communication Strategies and great expert of business strategies.

Once the president is elected, it is time to elect the Vice President. And once again the proposal of all those present was addressed unanimously to Caterina Doddis. This is how, today, TrovaWeb, in the person of its CEO, is at the Vice-presidency of the Digital section of Sicindustria.


Big news is coming from the union between Sicindustria and TrovaWeb 

La partnership between TrovaWeb e Sicindustria, sealed by this great recognition, it has proved rich and extremely productive. as well as herald of great news that will arrive imminently. In fact, one has already been signed convention between the two realities that gives Sicindustria the opportunity to resell Innovative TrovaWeb services at reduced prices. To find out more, just stay tuned to our channels. 


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