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An announced success: the climb of Telegram among the most downloaded apps in the world

More and more interesting news from the most efficient messaging app out there

Telegram among the 10 most downloaded apps

We all know that by now Telegram is one of Instant messaging app safer and more protected to download on our smartphones.

Founded in 2013 to challenge the almost total monopoly of WhatsApp, is a service that bases its success on cloud technology and the wealth of advanced features. In July 2020, news and updates made it increasingly agile and easy to use.

The latest update of Telegram brought further news and interesting information: the famous instant messaging app entered the Top 10 of the most downloaded apps in the world.


Access from multiple devices, both Mobile and Desktop

Attention to the user is one of the common threads that guided the design and implementation of all the functions of Telegram: starting from the possibility of access from multiple devices up to the implementation of Bot. Similar in behavior to human users, i Bot I am able to communicate automatically in the chat of Telegram, opening up many possibilities of use.

The new update introduced in July 2020 also improves several functions. First of all, it allows you to put a video on the cover silhouette: a short one movie which can replace the traditional image. This feature, among other things, allows you to take advantage of a internal video editor to improve quality, correct small defects or insert animated stickers.


Chat-Bot and the Revolution of Virtual Agents in chat

For some years now, Telegram has launched the possibility of inserting Virtual Agents within chat able to communicate autonomously with human users and to respond to requests and commands. Mainly used by commercial businesses e companies to automate communications e retain customers, the chat-bot have numerous potential features that make them an indispensable tool for companies and professionals who need to optimize time and resources.


Multi-data center infrastructure and cryptography 

Another distinguishing feature of Telegram is the extreme security it guarantees to its millions of users. The technology it uses is based on a multi-data center infrastructure and a system of cryptography which ensures the secure transfer of content, information and files.

In short words, Telegram strengthens the great ambitions for the future and shows a renewed attention to the user who is rewarding him by crowning him one of the App most popular downloaded from the web. 

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