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TrovaWeb joins Sicindustria: another prestigious partnership

Sicindustria is the Network that unites and strengthens Sicilian Companies

The agreement continues between TrovaWeb and the most renowned local business realities. Altra Prestigious partnership for the Messina Startup: is the time of Sicindustriaor the territorial seat of Sicily of the General Confederation of Italian Industry.

TrovaWeb enters the great Network of Sicilian companies and confirms once again a reality full of opportunities and great potential. 

Another element of absolute importance is added in the context of collaborations initiated by TrovaWeb with companies and Italian excellence. The association a Sicindustria indeed marks a further step forward in the creation of a Network which aims to provide increasingly efficient and reliable services to companies.
Sicindustria was founded in 1944 and is the first regional federation of System Confindustria. Today Sicindustria is the largest Territory Association of the System in operational and representative offices in the provinces of Agrigento, Caltanissetta, Enna, Messina, Palermo, Ragusa and Trapani. The system also includes Young Entrepreneurs belonging to numerous gproduct groups: Industry, Health, Tourism, Infrastructures and Logistics, Energy, Environment, Agribusiness, Services.


The Sicilian Network to enhance territorial entrepreneurship

Sicindustria represents a real one Network of Sicilian businesses and businesses and was born with multiple purposes. First of all, it aims to favor the development of associated companies through support, training, assistance and updating. But Sicindustria it is much more: the vision of the Association is to stimulate the spread of business and market culture. Also the enhancement of the territorialità it is a value very much felt by the Confindustria territorial confederation and by all the Associates who are part of it.


The Sicilian branch of Confindustria which promotes the development of local businesses

Affirming the values ​​of Sicilian entrepreneurship e enhance the Sicilian territoriality is one of the primary objectives of all the entrepreneurial realities belonging to the Network. And again: promote it economical progress and social territory, supporting and protecting the role ofindustry local. Sicindustria supports companies in the daily resolution of problems that hinder corporate life, thanks to a solid relationship with institutions, local authorities and administrations. TrovaWeb, who can already count on numerous partnerships throughout Italy, thus found another valuable ally for his social development strategies and entrepreneurial. In addition to strengthening its internal competences and the tools at its disposal. Thanks to this important agreement, TrovaWeb it will also be able to offer its own on particularly advantageous terms digital visibility services to all members of Sicindustria.


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Innovative training, updating and transfer of know-how courses

The associates to Sicindustria aim to evolve and improve their products and services by taking advantage of the numerous growth opportunities offered by the Confederation. Thanks to the many refresher courses and training, Sicindustria gives its associates the opportunity to access one shared network of knowledge and skills. Many opportunities for growth to always aim for innovation and excellence: Sicindustria offers this and much more. TrovaWeb is therefore ready from today to assimilate all the potentials deriving from this partnership and to make them available to all the companies participating in its Online Editorial Circuit.  

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