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Il Insurance brokerage it is an activity of brokerage carried out by the expert connoisseurs of the Insurance Market operating for "Alta Broker & Partners", insurance intermediary company leader in identifying the types of risk and forms of coverage more appropriate for individuals and companies.

"High Broker & Partners" Insurance Broker - Mediation experts

Insurance brokerage is an activity conducted by experienced professionals of the mechanisms of Insurance Market, able to mediate among many insurance companies and its customers, to find the best ones Insurance Packages available on the market. The Insurance brokerage constitutes the activity in which a reality of professionals present on the national territory has been specialized for years. It is "High Broker & Partners", a company born in the 2010 like insurance intermediary company from an idea of Stefano Bruschetta that since 1984 had already started operating in the insurance field: 4 years as Agent, 13 years in Directions of Insurance Companies and, from 2001 to today, Broker in important Brokerage Company national and international. Today, with a staff of over 20 professionals dedicated to consulting, Alta Broker operates with over thirty national and foreign companies. Current direct correspondent for Lloyd's of London, he is also a partner of numerous intermediaries, agents or brokers, thus covering an important role as Wholesale Broker o wholesaler. The role masterfully covered by these intermediaries it is based on several pillars: quality, specialized training and the desire to always offer the best solutions to customers. Currently the company is present a Genoa , Milan e Tortona.

Insurance Brokerage: the most competitive and advantageous insurance packages

Un Insurance broker that is always able to offer the best insurance must have a deep one knowledge of market laws and specific customer needs. The broker he is also an expert on insurance sector who may have recourse to those who need to deal with problems that require a particular analysis and classification in terms of identifying the types of risk and the most appropriate forms of coverage. Experts working for "High Broker & Partners"manage to guarantee excellent results because they study and know the dynamics of the market and can propose the ideal solutions based on the types of risk.

Infinite Solutions for many sectors at risk

The role of intermediaries between companies and the most important Insurance companies it is based on the competence and quality of the service provided, made possible by the in-depth knowledge of the specific needs of customers and the ability to transform it into customized and competitive solutions, both at a regulatory and economic level. Today, thanks also to various partnerships, the company can satisfy all needs both in the segment Retail (families and professionals) than in that Corporate (Companies). Personalized solutions aimed at optimizing the risk management, competence in preparing the best offer, in dealing with damage events and strong specialization also in some specific sectors that require a particular know-how. These experts broker cover virtually all insurance sectors: insurance against IT risks and against accidents; Legal / civil / criminal protection, guarantees and sureties, Insurance coverage to protect goods for every type of transport, insurance for trucking companies, shipment, distribution and storage of goods. They are also specialized in Insurance to trucks da 15, 17 and 35 quintals, trailers and cars.

Insurance for Businesses, Individuals and Professionals: all sectors in detail

The experts brokers present at the company's offices they have a broad portfolio of proposals presented below in detail. For the Individual policies: Vehicles and Vessels, Home Protection, Accidents, Reimbursement of Medical Expenses, Civil Responsibility, Do you travel, Legal Protection, Life, Bail Bonds; for the Business policies: Employee Benefits, All Risks Company, Cumulative Accidents, Civil Liability, Directors Rc; D&O, Legal Protection, Bail bonds and Fidejussioni, Vehicle Park; Registration Book, Transportation. There advice is the key to everything: an accurate analysis of needs and objectives allows High Broker to respond to the real needs of the customer regardless of whether it is a private individual, a professional or a company.


  • Address: Registered Office: Piazza Della Vittoria, 9
  • Headquarters 2: Piazzale Aquilea, 10 20144 Milan
  • Headquarters 3: Course of the Republic: 22 / A 15057 Tortona
  • City: Genoa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16121
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy

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