Hemp Legal Grow Shop "Smoke 4: 20" - Messina

The legal Cannabis in all its forms.

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Smoke 4: 20 is a shop based in Messina specialized as Grow Shop, Head Shop, Hemp Shop e Vapor Shop. Offers all products related to Legal hemp, with many proposals ranging from the gastronomic sector to that of leisure, with particular attention to smokers.


Hemp Legal and Grow Shop "Smoke 4: 20" - Extravagant Smoking Items in Messina

Grow Shop e Head Shop with lots of smokers' articles and lovers of legal hemp, "Smoke 4: 20"born in Messina from a philosophy that sees the Hemp Legal protagonist. Il Canapa Legale represents the main ingredient used to create a whole series of articles ranging from the gastronomic sector to wellness and leisure. At Grow Shop "Smoke 4: 20" you can find many food products based on Legal hemp as: Beer, pasta, chocolate, oil, liqueurs, drinks and biscuits. 


Grow Shop & Head Shop: legal hemp in all its forms

In addition to Legal hemp, at Grow Shop "Smoke 4: 20"you can also take advantage of an excellent corner dedicated to cigarettes for lovers of the Svapo. Here you will find accessories such as maps, grinders, vaporizers, e-liquids, strainers, liquid bases, nicotine bases and flavorings. Here you will also find Gluten-free products and everything you need for hydroponics, such as fertilizers, greenhouses and mini greenhouses, timers, lamps, grow boxes and much more.


Hemp Shop and Vapor Shop: from the legal Hemp the best for smoke lovers

La Legal hemp has numerous recreational effects and health benefits. It is the main ingredient of numerous preparations and numerous gastronomic products and not: from oil to liqueurs, from biscuits to beer, from aromas for chocolate cigarettes, from environmental deodorants to tobacco. Whether you want to try the most extravagant products, or you want to find the classic articles related to this innovative sector, Smoke 4: 20 is the place for you.


Grow Shop: everything necessary for growing at home

At Smoke 4: 20 you will find everything you need forhydroponic, for all those who wish to grow their own plants at home. The items available at your disposal include items such as: fertilizers, greenhouses and mini greenhouses, timers, lamps, grow boxes and much more. You will be spoiled for choice among the best brands related to the cultivation of hemp and its finished products, as well as to the cigarettes electronic products and personal well-being products.


  • Address: Via XXIV Maggio, 19 / A
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98123
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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