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"Malù Sport Village"it's aFitness centerVia Castellana in 108Palermo in which to take care of your body, away from everyday worries, thanks to the many dance activities,Fitness, Swimming and martial arts.


"Malù Sport Village" in Palermo - Sport and Dance Center

"Malù Sport Village"it's a Fitness center boasting aPalermo qualified teachers who will accompany you in healthy and fun disciplines, in step dance. In this sports center di Palermo Modern, classical and Cheerleading dance classes are available. To practice Fitness for the younger ones, however, the center offers courses of Hip Hop and also of Pre-dance, to introduce them step by step in the dance world.


"Malù Sport Village" - Fitness Center with many activities for everyone

"Malù Sport Village" Fitness Centeris being Castellana Palermo one of the centers best in the area and the great experience gained by its instructors is a guarantee of quality service. Among the activities that you can find here, you can not fail to mention Zumba for the Fitness musical, Jumping for the lymphatic flow or Pump, which is a well-established training technique. And again: Walkzone for cardiovascular work; Spinning, high impact cycling training; Postural gymnastics for those suffering from spinal column disorders; Step to burn calories. In the centerMalù a Palermo,in addition, coaches are available for fat-burning, Combat, muscle toning, Aerobics and Pilates exercises.


"Malù Sport Village" in Palermo - Swimming Center

To do some physical activity that has positive effects for the whole body, swimming is ideal. The center "Malù Sport Village" to Palermoorganizes swimming lessons for all, young and old, from the 6 months of age. Swimming lessons for those who want to learn to swim or race, water aerobics and gymnastics in the water to keep fit any activity of Fitness requires commitment and perseverance to get the desired results that the instructors Malùthey will surely reach you.


"Malù Sport Village" - Sports Center and Martial Arts Center

In the center "Malù Sport Village"Via Castellana in 108 Palermo they work martial arts teachers qualified for the disciplines of Jujitsu, Boxing and kick-boxing, for combat and personal defense. It is a different way of practicing physical activity than tests individual coordination skills. Malùprepares you for competitions at a competitive level, but deals with great passion even those who practice the Fitness just to have fun and increase your personal well-being.


  • Address: Via Castellana, 108
  • City: Palermo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90135
  • Province: PA
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


  • Fax: 091 8434325
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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