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Chris Enterprise, In Via Carlo Puleo, in 16  Bagheria, Is a company for years engaged in the field of R Systemsiposo and Wellness proposing solutions for healthy and proper rest as well as prevention and treatment for the whole family. Furthermore, Welfare products of the body, Water purifiers and more for the quality of life.


Chris Enterprise in Bagheria - Retirement Systems 

Chris Enterprise, Bagheria, Offers a wide range of solutions to increase the quality of life from Retirement Systems. Pure allergy, anti-mite, breathable, and ergonomic Made in ItalyA sleep undisturbed and continuous, Retirement Systems specially designed, it is undoubtedly the best source of wellness. Chris Enterprise, Bagheria, He has selected the best Retirement Systems including the pillow Moore Memory Foam that gradually adapts to the shape of the head and neck by providing adequate support to the cervical spine. A perfect blend of fine materials hypoallergenic, breathable and comfortable provide full rest. Furthermore, Chris Enterprise It offers among its Retirement Systems Also the innovative mattress Vitaminic: 7 different areas of importance, antiperspirant, shaping massage and extreme ergonomics to ensure a truly refreshing sleep. Stress-resistant and comfortable, the Retirement Systems Vitaminic are not simple mattresses but a real distillation of Welfare to make sweet dreams.


Chris Enterprise in Bagheria - Total Wellness with LR Health & Beauty Systems

Chris Enterprise, BagheriaOffers sadvanced olutions originated from the study of the most advanced scientific research to improve the quality of life, prevent hassles and take care of your body. Ghanks to its established partnership with LR Health & Beauty Systems, Chris Enterprise It offers you the best of products based on Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, whose pure gel extracted from the leaves is used for precious Drinking Aloe Vera Gel LR.Components valuable and accurate machining processes are the basis of the development of these products. 


Chris Enterprise in Bagheria - Water Purifiers

Chris Enterprise, Bagheria, Think to your Welfare to 360 ° and therefore proposes Water purifiers to obtain pure water at all times. L'Acqua produced with purifiers It is purified from contaminants, but retains its organoleptic properties. Chris Enterprise offers Water purifiers synonymous with safety and reliability that provide pure water, excellent for drinking and cooking your favorite dishes. Reverse osmosis plants, the latest generation of water filters, microfiltration, sparkling water distributors and not only, Chris Enterprise presents a wide range of Water purifiers, Able to satisfy any requirement.

Do you want to become a Rest and Wellness Professional? Become a Chris Enterprise Partner. Click on the link below to submit your application.



Chris Enterprise in Bagheria - Competence and Professionalism

The quality of sleep, has a significant impact on our health. For this reason Chris Enterprise, Bagheriaoffers R Systemsiposo anti-allergic, anti-mite, breathable, ergonomic and rigorously Made in Italy. Besides, being your Total Wellness true Mission Chris EnterpriseThe company offers the best based products of Aloe Vera of LR Health & Beauty Systems, Perfect for the care of the person and of the little everyday ailments. But there's more: Drinking water microbiologically pure straight from the tap of your home with Water purifiers treated by Chris Enterprise. If you look for the best for your rest and your being, rely on the competence and professionalism of Chris Enterprise a Bagheria

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  • Address: Via Carlo Puleo, 16
  • City: Bagheria
  • POSTAL CODE: 90011
  • Province: PA
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy


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