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Nutrition and Dietetics Center

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La Slimming Clinic "DietNatural" it's a Nutrition and Dietetics Center a Messina that puts at your service the best professionals in the field to make you lose weight, tone up or increase mass, based on your goals and your desires.

"DietNatural" Slimming Clinic - Your Nutrition Center in Messina

Slimming Clinic which makes use of recognized experts of the nutrition, DietNatural a Messina is part of a renowned franchise created to accompany you on a journey that will make you find the Forma Weight and improve your lifestyle. The method Dietnatural it is not based on food deprivation, but on advice and personalized routes which, together with the right products, are designed to make you reach the goal in the most effective way.

"DietNatural" Slimming Clinic - Nutrition and Dietetic Franchising with BIO Certification

Il Downtown Dietetics and "DietNatural" Nutrition It is in Messina, one of the renowned franchising locations known throughout Italy for the expertise of the consultancy services offered under the slimming and Proper nutrition. The Free Consulting is one of the strengths of the center: in Dietnatural centers, in fact, there are qualified Consultants who will follow you step by step and provide the guidelines for a Proper nutrition. Thus allowing you to find the welfare and reach the ideal weight. During the free consultation our experts will analyze your eating habits and goals to be achieved. You can also make aimpedance self-measurement which allows the decomposition of body weight into lean mass, fat mass and liquids.

Supplements and products designed to return the Forma Weight

DietNatural makes available to its clients numerous Dietary Supplements, sports supplements, tea, functional infusions, creams and rediscovers to help you on your journey Welfare. The products are exclusively Made in Italy and select high quality natural ingredients and raw materials to ensure effective and lasting results. Our sports supplementsin particular, they are designed and recommended to sportsmen to allow them to reach theirs athletic goals faster and more effectively.

DietNatural performs in Messina Test for food intolerances, DNA and many others

In addition to free consultations and personalized routes, DietNatural offers numerous other services, including test tanks and exams to assess your starting situation and prepare the best route to follow based on your goals. Among the main tests performed, we perform: Test for Food Intolerances, Impedenziometric examination, Metabolic Test, Predictive genetic tests e Weight Test Form. Our qualified staff will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information on each exam and advise you on the one best suited to your situation. At DietNatural a Messina you are in good hands. For the latest news, consult the Official Facebook page and the profile Instagram in the section Contact.


  • Address: Via Ghibellina, 106 (corner Via 27 July)
  • City: messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98123
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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