Cocktail, Apericena and Lounge Bar - The Frum 61 Messina

Goodness in all its forms.

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There is a Cocktail and Lounge Bar a Messina where the goodness and abundance of all titbits proposals are matched by the extreme kindness and helpfulness of the owner and collaborators. It is about The Frum 61, very pleasant Hangout, Cafeteria e lounge Bar, with a huge assortment of cocktail, appetizers, first and main courses, salads and rich apericena.


Apericena, Cocktail and Lounge Bar where the gastronomic delicacies go hand in hand with sympathy 

In the center Messina has just opened a appetizing local who has already shown great character and desire to do well: it is about The Frum 61, for an Cocktail e lounge Bar which offers all the most in one place tasty gastronomic proposals of a ice-cream shop, cafeteria e gastronomy put together. From apericena to desserts, here the delicacy is tickled by all sorts of delicacies, together with the drink masterfully mixed by the very kind barman, Franco. The history of the place is fascinating and engaging at the same time. It was founded by Emanuele, "son of art" who already owned the Bar del Tribunale, and dedicated to the memory of his father who in 1961 had created, inside another historic restaurant in Messina, Select Bar, a very pleasant fruity drink with base of Dry sparkling wine. This drink, pioneer of the first cocktail, he was called precisely "The Frum". Pleasant to the palate and to the eye, The Frum represented a sensational novelty in the city in the world of drink. Today, "The Frum 61"honors this cocktail and its creator.


From croissants for breakfast to the abundant Apericena in a lounge bar with an irresistible atmosphere

The palates of young and old are catered for every single day at the Lounge and Cocktail Bar The Frum 61, thanks to a very rich e tasty menu that goes by croissants for breakfast until tasty lunch breaks and the rich included. From elegant and refined Cocktail and Lounge Bar, will give you the beverages and drink more refreshing and intoxicating. The very good and very kind Drinks Researcher will mix the cocktail, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, best suited to satisfy your thirst. To satisfy your desire for good, then, you will have a wide range of titbits to choose from. The list includes: basic aperitifs e reinforced aperitifs, apericena a basis of meat e fish, hot and cold first courses, main courses of meat and fish, salads, sandwich, pan pizza and delicious meat and fish cutting boards. And more: slush, homemade ice cream, coffee, fruit juice and cappuccino. Available gastronomic proposals without gluten and without lactose. The goodness of food proposed is combined with the extreme kindness and sympathy of the owner, Emanuele, who, together with his highly trained staff, will brighten your taste experience with a lot of good humor. The Frum it also does Catering, organizes parties and anniversaries, does takeaway service, home delivery and organizes very nice Karaoke evenings. Evenings with dinners based on greedy stockfish.


  • Address: Via Tommaso Cannizzaro, 188
  • City: Messina
  • Region: ME
  • POSTAL CODE: 98122
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy


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