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Coiffeur Filippo Badame in Caccamo

The Style at the service of your image

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Coiffeur Filippo in Caccamo - Palermo - Hairdresser for men and Hair Stylist.


Coiffeur Filippo Badame in Caccamo - Men's Hairdresser

Coiffeur Philip Badame a Caccamo è Hairdresser for man with the products Nature Fund, real wellness treatments for hair and scalp. In the heart of the historic center of CaccamoIn a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, attention to detail to make you feel comfortable and to offer customers high quality services, let cure your image and your hair Coiffeur Filippo Hairdresser for man and Hair Stylist with specific treatments.

With a long presence on terrotorio and built upon a solid clientele in time Coiffeur Filippo to Caccamo hairdresser for man has been able to maintain a high profile professional remaining anchored to tradition but sensitive to innovation and creativity, allowing them to seamlessly combine a mixed group of users that embraces young and old.


Coiffeur Filippo to Caccamo Badame - Innovation and Style

Da Coiffeur Filippo to Caccamo hairdresser for man is available, as well as classics cutting services - fold - beard, also follow the fads and trends of Hair Stylist proposals from year to year and this aroused a great liking by Young Caccamo and surrounding areas as for example, Termini Imerese, which with a few more kilometers you ensure: SERVICE - RESPECT FOR HAIR - GREAT PRICES - WELCOME - COMFORT - STYLE - TREND.


Coiffeur Filippo to Caccamo Badame - Products Nature Fund

The care and respect of the hair is a determining factor Coiffeur Philip a Caccamo Hairdresser for man, Thanks to the use of natural products of the highest level as the complete line of specific treatments Nature Fund which give customers the best results possible in full respect of the scalp. Many complete lines for every need and every abnormality of hair and scalp. Thanks to the established partnership with Nature Fund, at Coiffeur Philip Hairdresser for man, a Caccamo, you get a personalized advice on your hair to find the ideal solution for you.


Coiffeur Filippo to Caccamo Badame - Fashion Designer of Capello 

Thanks to years Coiffeur Philip acquired high profile skills that have earned the esteem of their clients and their colleagues and made it a true landmark in the area for the Hair Stylist services for men so as to earn him the nickname "Designer of Capello".

If you love to take care of your image, so classic or trendy, and are looking for a serious Professional to take care of the health of your hair, trust the quality of the services offered by Coiffeur Filippo to Caccamo hairdresser for man.


  • Address: Piazza Giorgio Pusateri, 13
  • City: Caccamo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90012
  • Region: PA
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy

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