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The wellbeing of the organism in the first place.

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Weight Loss Consultancy is the activity in which the professionals of the sector, expert experts of the Proper nutrition of Nutritional Supplements specially designed. These are trained consultants whose purpose is to make you reach your goals slimming and a state of general well-being.

Weight Loss Consultancy - The Specialists in Proper Nutrition in Genoa

Le Weight Loss Consultants they are specialized in the field of healthy and Proper nutrition and put themselves every day at the service of those who want to lose weight, purify and detoxify their bodies. The eating habits and the Supplements proposed by them are studied with this purpose and the consultants they are specially designed to help you achieve a general well-being, using lifestyles and products suitable for this purpose. During the path of Weight loss Consultants never leave their clients alone and already have a very high percentage, a Genoa, of customers who have achieved results as early as the first month of the program.

Consulting for a healthy diet aimed at weight loss

Everyone aspires to reach a state of Welfare. This is a state that affects all aspects of the person and the body: both the physical and the mental. And to get it, one of the essential requirements is to live one healthy life and, in particular, have healthy eating habits. From one Proper nutrition It depends a lot on our state of health. There Weight Loss Consultancy aims to achieve this goal, as well as helping you lose weight and detoxify your body. This very coveted goal is achieved thanks to Customized Consulting, fruit a Interview accurate that will match all your needs and your physical and personal characteristics. At the end of the interview, le Weight Loss Consultants they will make one personalized program, advising you on the right diet and the Dietary Supplements more suitable for you.

Professionals in Food Education experts in Customized Consulting for Weight Loss

Detoxication, Weight loss, Purification of the body, reduction of swelling: these are just some of the benefits that you will get by relying on Consultations of experts in correct nutrition. The assortment of programs for the slimming offered by them is vast, varied and suitable for the most diversified needs. Among these, you will also find: supplements of vitamins, of minerals including calcium, copper, iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, vegetable proteins, smoothies rich in nutrients and benefits for the body, coffee, herbal teas, tea and infusions, bars. Or again i substitutes for Snep meals which contain the renowned Ganoderma, a mushroom with multiple benefits for the body.

Advice in Weight Loss and Natural Cosmetics Products

La Weight Loss Consultancy and for a Proper nutrition it is not the only area in which they operate consultants. In fact, they deal with a wide range of cosmetics product for the beauty and improvement of the physical appearance: creams, lotions, gel, Masks hydrating, scrub, mousse, gel douche, shampoos, products for the well-being of the face, body, skin and hair. The proposed offer is complete and leaves no sectors uncovered. All this always respecting the naturalness of the ingredients and in the constant search for the global well-being of the human being.


  • City: Genoa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16138
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy


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