Nail Reconstruction Training in Messina

The center that takes care of your nails.

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Nail Reconstruction Training is a beauty center a Messina specialized in Nail reconstruction and in their care. Official Dealer who organizes Courses of Professional training and sells specific products for Make up.

Nail Reconstruction and Training Courses in Messina

Center a Messina that deals with your nails at 360 degrees, offering services of Reconstruction, specific products for their care e Courses di Professional training for those who want to learn to master the delicate art of Reconstruction of Nails. It responds with enthusiasm and competence to all those who wish to transform their nails into small masterpieces, offering, at the same time, a whole series of additional services and aesthetic products.

Training Courses in Messina - Reconstruction and Pro-Academy Master School

There are many Courses di Professional training for all those who wish to enter the world of Nail Enhancement. Here you will find precise, complete and gradual programs that respect the time and potential of each person to acquire the concepts and skills needed to become a Nail Artist. The courses offered are varied and at the end they give the right to receive certificates with a registered holographic anti-counterfeiting trademark.

Many training courses to treat nails at 360 degrees

Among the numerous Training paths offered by the course, it is easy to find the package that suits you and that suits your needs. Here you will find no less than 19 Technical Paths divided into basic, advanced, Salon and Master Courses. Also available 23 Paths of Nail Art divided into preparatory courses, Paint, Gel Line, Gel design and 3D. Annual courses are also organized: personalized and complete programs. At the end of each course, all students will receive their certificate with the qualification of the professional level reached.

The beauty of your nails and more

The qualified and trained staff will not only deal with the training, care and beauty of yours nails. In fact, numerous services are offered to customers. In addition to applying semi-permanent polish and making your hands real masterpieces, here they will also take care of applying the extensions to your eyelashes, for example. You will be welcomed in a very spacious and avant-garde environment. Furthermore, for the training courses you can take advantage of a full HD two-meter screen and a high-definition projector.


  • Country: Italy

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