"Arteflex" Plexiglass creations - Genoa

Objects and furniture components of all sorts in Plexiglass.

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"Arteflex" excels for over thirty years a Genoa in Creation of objects in Plexiglass, creating articles and furnishing components with a refined style like Tables, plates, shelves, fittings, windows, libraries and a whole range of furniture and furnishings.

"Arteflex" Genoa - Plexiglass creations of great value

"Arteflex" di Giorgio Buganza is a renowned company that was born in Genoa in 1973 establishing itself among the first companies in Europe in the production of objects in Plexiglass. The company, specialized in the processing of methacrylates, offers a wide range of items with a refined style and excellent furnishing components. The thirty years experience in the sector, combined with technological research and a passion for design, have made of Arteflex a leading company in the industry.

"Arteflex" - Objects, furniture components and plexiglass furniture with a refined style

There are many Creations in Plexiglass realized and proposed by "Arteflex"The company offers, in fact, over 30 years its unique and unmistakable style in the realization of Plexiglass tables, Personalized plates, shelves, lamps, bedside tables, Favors, bookcases and furniture in general, nautical furnishings, displays, windows and appliques. The great versatility and creativity of the staff who work here is the basis of works and creations that can be defined, without fear of contradiction, unique and of great value.

The high level of personalization of Plexiglass Creations by "Arteflex"

- objects and the articles made by "Arteflex", thanks to the exceptional wealth of experience accumulated by the owner and staff, are renowned for their high level of customization, as well as for the refined style and accuracy of the details. Any object produced here is the result of careful study and great aesthetic sensitivity. Objects of all sorts that bear the mark of quality of the house: from frames to umbrella stands, from cutlery trays to trays, through vases, lamps and bedside tables. And again: tables and tables, columns, bookcases and furniture in general, nautical furnishings, shop windows, trolleys and favors.

"Arteflex" - Objects in Plexiglass with unquestionable aesthetic appeal

At the showroom of Genoa di "Arteflex" you will have at your disposal an exhibition that will only fascinate you for the richness and beauty of all Articles he objects in Plexiglass present. All the Creations they are in fact characterized by great elegance, as well as functionality, and win the eyes of visitors for their indisputable charm, the result of great creativity. These qualities, together with many others, have made all of them Plexiglass creations di "Arteflex" excellence at national and European level.


  • Address: Via Struppa, 262 Red
  • City: Genoa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16165
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy


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