Cyber ​​Security
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Cyber ​​Security e Cybersecurity: these are essential activities to protect IT systems from external attacks. The purpose is to protect the confidentiality, integrity and proper functioning of a computer system. Furthermore, the Cyber ​​Security is responsible for ensuring the authenticity of the information that runs inside a computer system. In the field of Cyber ​​Security there are legal, human, technical and organizational elements able to analyze the vulnerable points of a system, the threats and the associated risks.


La Data Protection, personal and not, is the field on which the future and the survival of many will be played the companies in the next future. There Cyber ​​Security it secures data and information present on information systems, protecting the Privacy of private individuals and public bodies.

Computer network security
Information integrity

Military Encryption Methods for files and e-mails

La Cryptography it serves to protect messages, texts and information by making them "obscured" so as not to be understandable to people who are not authorized to access them.

Delete your data at any time

With the Rules GDPR recently entered into force, it is necessary to implement technologies that allow at any time to permanently delete your data from sites and platforms.

Real Time Monitoring and Encrypted Disks

The technologies used for the Cybersecurity they must necessarily be 24h operating on 24 and provide real time data on the health status of the Informatic Systems analyzed. Among the most reliable software in the industry, Adaptive Defense 360 guarantees functionality anti-malware and a system of real time monitoring.

Process Monitoring


Computer Security Methods

The most effective techniques of Cybersecurity they are based mainly on three fundamental principles: continuous monitoring of running processes, automatic classification of possible threats and a dedicated team of experts who analyze real-time.

Storage for data storage

Remediation tools

Centralized device control

Web Traffic Monitoring and Filtering

Encrypted Traffic

Military Encryption

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