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All the flavor of the Sicilian tradition

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Teases the palate Via Rocco Jemma 102 in Palermo It is a shop selling Typical Sicilian Products, including wines, Which is Exclusivist di Bunch Siculo, Conserve e Cheeses. It is a wholesale di food but also retails in Sicily and the rest of Italy with home delivery.


Stuzzica Il Palato in Palermo - Typical Sicilian Products

Teases the palate It is a shop specializing in Typical Sicilian Products. Are available wines, Cheeses e Conserve. As regards the wines, is Exclusivist di wines made from Bunch Siculo. If you are looking for a reliable and professional supplier in Palermo for your business, for example to the dough of durum wheat semolina, Teases the palate sells Food Wholesale in Sicily. There are also online with home delivery, you can taste the delicacies of the dishes Sicilian typical wherever you are.


Stuzzica Il Palato in Palermo - Online sale

Teases the palate It is nearing Rocco Jemma 102 in Palermo It is a retailer of Typical Sicilian Products which sells not only to Palermo but also online thanks to domestic shipments. Care in detail the packaging of wines, Conserve e Cheeses Siciliani and it sends orders to companies from Palermo as wholesale di Food in Sicily but also to individuals. If you love wines, Know that is Exclusivist the Bunch Siculo. buy from Teases the palate in Palermo for convenient home delivery!


Stuzzica Il Palato in Palermo - Quality and tradition

I am alone Typical Sicilian Products those that Teases the palate It is: wines, Conserve e Sicilian cheese They are carefully selected to enrich an already wide choice for lovers of authenticity that made Sicily the home of genuine taste. As regards the wines, is Exclusivist the Bunch Siculo. Food wholesale or to the detail, the solution is made to fit all. go to Teases the palate.


Stuzzica Il Palato Typical Sicilian Products in Palermo - Special Wines

Exclusivist the Bunch Siculo, Teases the palate Via Rocco Jemma 102 in Palermo It is very well provided the best wines bottled commercially from the most famous resorts as well as a fine selection of Typical Sicilian Products: Durum wheat pasta, Cheeses, Conserve (in oil, pesto, paté, fruit jams, marmalade of wines, Honey and sweet spreads). Nevertheless, there prosecco, sparkling wine, champagne, spirits and liqueurs. A Food wholesale to try in SicilyHere is why choose Teases The Palate in Palermo.



  • Address: Via Rocco Jemma, 102
  • City: Palermo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90127
  • Province: PA
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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