Handling of "Cardinal Marbles" Practices and Cemetery Works

Marble art and funerary art.

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Funerary Works and Monuments, Together with handling of cemetery practices are the main activities it deals with "Cardinal Marmi", an authority a GenoVa in the field of Marble processing and of the realization of Marble sculptures, Granite e Pietra.


Handling of "Cardinal Marbles" Practices and Cemetery Works - Funerary monuments of eternal beauty in Genoa

Funerary Monuments, Opera e Handling of Cemetery Practices: this is the main area of ​​expertise in which it has been active for over 40 years a GenoVa the firm Cardinal Marmi, Based in Staglieno a few steps from the entrance of the Cemetery. Here masters of thefunerary art, realizing sculptures ed architectural works in marble, granite and stone. They have been dealing with design and production of all kinds of products with extreme skill for decades Memorial customized.


Handling of Cemetery Practices: Cardinal Marmi thinks of everything for you

Cardinal Marmi provides its customers with highly appreciated services such as the handling of cemetery practices on behalf of families, also taking care of interventions such as: exhumation, Estumulazione, Cremazione, burial e Burial. We are able, thanks to the high level of qualification, to fulfill every request: our staff will be able to follow you step by step, in every aspect, guaranteeing you discreet treatment and with the utmost respect for your loss.


Creation of Ossuary and family tombs

If the settlement di Paperwork at Cemetery represents one of the most appreciated services, Cardinal Marmi also excels in and especially in the design and implementation of sunbeds, tables, ossuaries e family graves. It is cemetery works which represent only a small percentage of the funeral works that the company is able to carry out. Each of our works will be made with materials selected to withstand the passage of time, and enriched with finishing touches bronze, steel, marble e Granite. Upon request, they can also be designed small headstones o funerary monuments for pets.


Cemetery works and more: Marble processing for domestic and commercial purposes

Not only funerary monuments and handling of cemetery practices: the firm Cardinal Marmi also designs marble workings per domestic use and for business as, for example, le pizzerias. Sculptures ed architectural works will be made with various types of precious marbles and you will be followed by a team of industry experts, from the early stages of architectural design, until'assistance and  supply of materials with accessories installation. Every one of us opera it will be carried out with scrupulous dedication, with the intention of paying homage in the best way to your dear departed.


  • Address: Via Bobbio, 35 / R
  • City: GenoVa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16137
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy

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