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The firm Rem Impianti  deals with installation of systems di Home Automation and realizes a Genoa smart homes. THE home automation systems they are fully compatible with devices Smart and adjustable through voice commands e management da remote means devices like smartphone e tablet.


Advanced Home Automation: the Smart Home arrives in Genoa thanks to Rem Impianti

Rem Impianti deals with a GenoVa di installation di System di Home Automation and is dedicated to the realization of homes di last generation completely self-sufficient and manageable from remote or via voice commands. Each of our works dedicated to the creation of new types of smart home, will be performed using the most innovative techniques of Home Automation, to guarantee you excellent results that look to a better future. So you can have one too Smart House who thinks of everything and makes your life easier.


Installation of civil and industrial electrical systems by industry experts in Genoa

Rem Impianti is a leader in GenoVa in the installation of electrical installations given the strong maritime vocation of Marina di Grosseto, ed industrial. Our work team will make an inspection of the casa, office o stable and will establish the type of intervention that best suits your needs, ranging from interventions specific to the installation of Electrical systems e photovoltaic last generation.


Rem looks to the future thanks to home automation and smart homes

Rem Impianti is one of the few companies that deals with realizing self-sufficient homes, taking advantage of the most advanced techniques of the Home Automation. We realize homes Intelligent that can be managed through touch display, keypads e commands a Vocal recognition, manageable even from smartphone e tablet. In addition tohome environment you will be able to also manage the part related to safety of your casa, connecting and managing video surveillance and antitheft, which will always be connected with the central management system of the home.


Rem Impianti builds houses of the future in Genoa

The firm Rem Impianti it is proposed as one of the innovative realities, proposing a new typology of Smart house, which exploit new discoveries in the field of Home Automation. New types of intelligent and autonomous housing that look to the future more and more automated, projecting you towards a new dimension of the Home which is evolving and innovating over time.


  • Address: Via Struppa, 192 Red
  • City: GenoVa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16165
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy


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