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The Easy Showcase is the Digital Business Card to present your company in an attractive, elegant and immediate way.

Most of the users online when they want to buy Goods or Services, do specific searches on Search engine. In particular, they turn to the search engine par excellence, the most reliable and punctual: we are talking about GOOGLE. It is here that you must be present and clearly visible, to be found and contacted, especially at the local level, to have the opportunity to increase your contacts and expand your Business.

This is what the team does TrovaWeb with the Easy Solution: it will create an elegant for you Online Visiting Card complete with all your contacts and addresses that will help you to be visible on the web in a professional way. You will be hosted on our portal, which will be found on Search Engines with the right keywords that consumers use when looking for online businesses and services.
La Easy solution it is perfect to have Online visibility in all circumstances:

If you already have a Web Site:
- represents an excellent backlink and an unmissable opportunity to increase visits and popularity

- it is the most economical and effective solution to be present on the Web and on search engines.

A unique service of its kind

Appreciated and recommended by over 4000 Italian companies



Online Visiting Card
Customers look up GOOGLE by typing in information about your business. They find your Showcase, click and get to you. They will find an elegant "Online Business Card" who briefly introduces you in a professional way and can thus contact you in a professional way practical and direct.
Placement on Google
Professional Review
Mobile Responsive System
Voting System with Markup


Custom Logo
Turn the Bring Logo Online it is very important to be recognized and to stand out from others; The TrovaWeb Team will insert the Company logo. It NO you have it or you want it RENEW your corporate image, the TEAM will develop A specially for you completely NEW.
Addresses and Contacts
Chat Telegram
Counter Views
Custom Link

Addresses, Contacts and Map with navigation to be found immediately

Inside the Easy showcase, all yours are present contacts, including the address, email and telephone number to allow visitors of your Showcase to find you easily. In addition, there is a button for Start Navigation which will show the path to be taken to get to you on the maps of Google. Finding you has never been easier.

Our Best Business Card

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    Professionalism and availability.
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    Without a doubt professionals! They always think of everything by lightening my job. Thanks

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    Professionalism and speed, ability to interpret the customer's need ... and then the Trovaweb ... I'm really happy to have discovered you

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    Special and wonderful cooperation for any company. Relying on TrovaWeb is extraordinary, try it to believe it.

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    Excellent and quality product, the ideal solution for Companies and Professionals to be found in the highest positions of Search Engines.

  • Except for Nunnari

    Excellent service !!! State-of-the-art market place !!! First on Google !!! COMPLIMENTS!!!!

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