Factory for the production of roller shutters - Dolermo Genoa

Production and resale of products that protect your interior

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Factory di blinds dedicated to manufacture di shutters, shutters, tends e mosquito nets, Dolermo It is a reference point in GenoVa from the 1978. He also deals with the aspects related to installation and resale of fixtures, security doors e gates.


Roller Shutter Production Factory in Genoa: Dolermo produces everything needed to arm your interior

Factory di blinds of long tradition a Genoa, Dolermo takes care of manufacture di shutters, curtains e mosquito nets of excellent workmanship. Historical reference point in the sector, Dolermo is noteworthy for a long experience that helps to achieve at its headquarters blinds serious and reliable. The company also recently deals with the resale of products such as security doors, fixtures, shutters e window frames created by the most reliable providers on the market.


Roller Shutter Production Factory and Resale of Fixtures: Dolermo also offers Installation and Assistance

La Genoese factory di Dolermo roller shutters, dedicated for many years to the varied needs of its customers, has extended its services to resale of fixtures e window frames, also taking care of installation e support. cintini for winders, cap to rollers, cassette e plaques steel are aimed at improving the functionality of the roll-up structures. In addition to the products mentioned, Dolermo is establishing itself in the resale of fixtures, doors and windows e security doors internal and external which are characterized by the quality of the materials used.


Production of roller shutters and resale of PVC, wood and aluminum frames in Genoa

Specialized in manufacture di shutters, curtains, shutters e mosquito nets, Dolermo addresses the best suppliers on the market for the resale of fixtures. At the factory you can indeed find fixtures in PVC , in fiber, in wood e aluminum us thermal. tends proposals from Dolermo they lend themselves to different uses and are characterized by systems that promote comfort and innovation. In particular, the factory produces thermal blinds e Sunglasses, in addition to the excellent shutters CLAF armored.


Dolermo in Genoa uses only the most reliable brands in the industry

La Dolermo factory has gained an excellent reputation over the years thanks to the collaboration with brand leader of the market. THE window frames in Isowind aluminum, for example, they are a true certainty of solidity for those who want to equip their homes with fixtures beautiful and resistant. Furthermore, Dolermo manages the resale of the following brands: security doors Piacentini, fixtures Kira doors Romagnoli, doors Ican. Regarding the blinds, Tekno's engines, Effezeta mosquito nets e TendaMaggi represent a guarantee to protect the interiors of houses and buildings.


  • Address: Via della Libertà, 105 Rosso (Sale)
  • Headquarters 2: Via N.Gallino, 119 E (Production and Sales)
  • City: GenoVa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16129
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy


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