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Hardware and Household Products Salvatore Spisa - Caccamo

Experts in colors and tinting

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Hardware, Household and DIY di Salvatore Spisa, On the Avenue of Liberty Caccamo in the province of Palermo, Is the best in Candle DyesTintometriaIn addition, many items for Gardening and Decorations


Hardware and Home Spisa Caccamo Palermo - Colours and tinting

Hardware and Home Salvatore Spisa born in Caccamo around 1930 at the hands of his grandfather Salvatore Spisa and year after year it evolves at the hands of children who, in 1953, are now spreading SPISA in weapons and Hardware and it is becoming a reference point in the territory. As time passes at the helm the grandson and current owner Salvatore Spisa, Receiving the old firm and very patiently, modernizes the local offices ever larger. Currently the new store of 400 square meters, also incorporates the industry household and small appliances in order to concentrate all sectors in one place. The new store is built around a showroom of decorative effects, where the customer can "touch" with hand to understand the ultimate effect of many of our products and continue the revolution in various fields, such as electric, reproductions keys, wood etc. . Some brands handled: MILWAUKEE, VIRO, TESA, ARD, SPIVER, MARY, Veleca, SPRINTCHIMICA, MANDELLI. 

Hardware and Home Salvatore Spisa a Caccamo is the place where you can find everything you need for your Do-it-yourself with a well-stocked Hardware. household materials, accessories, small appliances. Hardware and Home Spisa a Caccamo is supply and assortment of equipment and technologies relevant to the Gardening. But theto spearhead the company are Candle Dyes and Tintometria. The company has three dispensers and a spectrophotometer, which allows the reproduction of any coating. Our partners are the company ARD f.lli Raccanello with which we treat the plaster and all cycles for external, Di Maria, and SPIVER.


Color and tinting Spisa Caccamo Palermo - electrical and everything for the home

Hardware and Home Salvatore Spisa a Caccamo is a reference for professionals and non-professionals of materials and accessories for the care of your home. household 360 in degrees, Spisa offers a vast assortment dedicated to your DIY. Small appliances, containers, work equipment, accessories, materials and much more. Spisa Hardware and Houseware It is also heating with pellet stoves, wood burning stoves, stoves etc. Not only the house, but also external and local: Hardware and Casalighi Spisa You supply updated and professional that will be at your service for every need! Also, Color and tinting.


Hardware and Casalighi Spisa in Caccamo in Palermo - Gardening and Decorations

Hardware and Home Salvatore Spisa in Caccamo it's all for the Gardening. Spisa Hardware and Houseware It proposes various articles for the treatment of the earth, for the crop and preserves. With Hardware and Casalighi Spisa equip you with everything you need for decorations in a showroom where you can try and experience the effects of the many products and touch a wide range in the electrical, wood, Color and tinting.


Hardware and Home Spisa Caccamo Palermo - Since 1930 to customer service

Hardware and Home Salvatore Spisa, Caccamo in the province of PalermoIt is assortment and quality of brands and products for DIY. Everything for Gardening, Hardware and Home Spisa is the store that also has a policy of customer services that are dedicated update, professionalism and competence. Do-it-yourselfGardening, Color and tinting da Hardware and Home Salvatore Spisa in Caccamo - Palermo


  • Address: Liberty Avenue
  • City: Caccamo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90012
  • Province: PA
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy

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