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Floral Decorations for your Wedding

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One Flower by Russian in G. Button 7 to Messina, Is a store that specializes in the creation of Floral decorations and, especially, Decorations for Wedding and Ceremony in general. The florist Paolo Russo specializes in Compositions of Flowers and Plants for both Bouquet for both Floral creations for your Events most important. 


One Flower by Russian Messina - Flowers and Plants for each Event

One Flower by Russian Messina is not just a simple Florist, but is presented to the public fond of, as a true "Workshop of Creative Art"; by going at the renowned store, you will be conquered not only by the many varieties and species present in the store, you will be literally caught by sweet symphony of scents and colors that, if you love the world of flowers and plants, will captivate you.

One Flower by Russo in Messina is a valid point of reference for your "Thoughts Gentiles", Suitable for any occasion or celebration and thanks to the experience and skill of the unquestioned masters Florist (this art handed down from generation to generation) even a simple bouquet of flowers or a nice plant can be transformed into a small work of art that cheers environments and certainly soothes the soul. One Flower by Russian It was born in Messina in 1964 near the Monumental Cemetery and has always been a reference point for all those who seek a true Professional FloristIn fact, strong experience and expertise that characterize it, the florist Paolo Russo is able to realize a beautiful Floral creations us Flowers and plants always fresh. 

One Flower by RussianFurthermore, is the Laboratory Floral ideal for Creations he Floral decorations for your Marriage. The Most Beautiful Day will be accompanied by a wonderful riot of Flowers and plants: Perfect for Floral arrangements in style for your Marriage and your Events most important, trust the big Creativity and Experience Florist Paolo Russo.


One Flower by Russian to Messina - decorations and bouquets for your wedding and your Events

One Flower by Russian in G. Button 7 to Messina, Is well known and appreciated for the Floral decorations that makes for WeddingsBoth to adorn the Church to beautify any Locations for the ceremony; the Floral decorations to Weddings di One Flower by Russian Messina are in demand for the delicate play of colors and the meticulous attention to detail, combined with the professionalism and punctuality are a TRUE value. The flowers selected from the freshest and most beautiful species are made into delicious Wedding Bouquet. For Floral decorations for your Marriage the store carries Inspections and Free Estimates.


Creations and compositions of Flowers and Plants for Gifts and Floral arrangements

One Flower by Russian a Messina, realizes Designs and Floral Decorations Perfect to beautify the location of your most important events. In addition, the Creativity Florist Paolo Russo is best expressed in the creation of Floral arrangements for the Marriage, Including decorations e Bouquet. For Floral gifts You can choose between beautiful plants of various species, or to create the Laboratory Floral Paul Russo elegant bouquets of Fresh Flowers. The One Flower by Russian provides the Home Delivery service.  If your "Thought Gentile" needs to be delivered One Flower by Russian also takes care of this, both the delivery of any shipment and delivery thanks to Special Affiliations National circuit, which in addition to being one more service for customers, for accuracy and speed has contributed greatly to increase the popularity of this company over the years.


One Flower by Russian to Messina - Experience and Expertise  

One Flower by Russian in G. Button 7 to Messina, boasts a staff  formed by highly qualified people who will always advise you interpret your needs, to beautify your home - the garden - to decorate your balcony with flowers and plants fresh for the season. Whatever your need for floral decorations - decorations for ceremonies and weddings - decorations for any type of location - exclusive floral creations - gifts and anniversaries or even for a simple "kind thought" choose the experience and professionalism of One Flower by Russian Messina.


  • Address: Via Giuseppe Bottone, 7
  • Headquarters 2: Via Marco Polo, 352
  • Headquarters 3: Viale Regina Elena (Ang. Via Manzoni)
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98124
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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