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Business Channel Business Education Palermo born from the passion of some young people for change. From here, a new idea of ​​training: that in a creative and playful way to teach people how to find and exploit the opportunities for growth around them, making it possible to improve their professional performance and the performance of employees.

Palermo Business and Management Training - Tangible Benefits

Companies are experiencing great benefits by attending constantly motivating environment of our enterprise and over the years the staff of BC has received and repaid the faith of more than 10 thousand people. The company is present in the territory since 2009 and has always stood out for its ability to evolve and deliver services to meet the needs of SMEs.

The improvement and vital energy are the engine thanks to which every individual can express their talent: that we believe in Business Channel Business Education and we want to contribute with our skills and our knowledge, to help small and medium businesses to excel in the business world, because they are the real capital of our nation and the future of our children.

And 'only through constant training and custom locations that you can get this. Business Channel Business Education constantly invests in research and development, optimizing content and presentation of training courses. We propose the academic path SYNAGO, Organized on the specific needs of each company or freelancer.

Business is Knowledge & Training

  • Practise
  • Self-training through the training with other students
  • Problem solving on real problems
  • continuous multiple Tutoring
  • Study materials at the disposal of each student
  • Comparison of business issues
  • Give each certificate path is complete
  • comprehension checks on every subject studied

Business Channel Palermo Business Training - WHAT WE OFFER

Business Channel Business Education It operates in the SME market to provide management training services and development programs of productivity of human resources. The training courses provided are the result of years of research and development in the management of enterprises and its inputs.
It starts from a careful evaluation of the company's strengths, through the analytical determination of aptitudes and potential of each employee and manager, in order to create an amazing group.

Business Channel Palermo Business Training - THE PLUS OF THE PATH

For all company locations, Business Channel Business Education with the collaboration of specialists in different areas of development and training. For each policy area we are able to offer specific and personalized training. The service is completed by the Free auxiliary follow-up delivery to studies, to consolidate the concepts learned during the courses. Training at the highest level to the economic capacity of all, companies and professionals: this is what makes the exceptional BC paths.

Business Channel Business Training Palermo - THE PALESTER ON MEASURE FOR YOU

The new economic reality and its recent developments require SMEs need to react quickly to market changes. The business owner must compensate for lack of an organizational strategy, critical to address new scenarios. The lack of adequate training and preparation of human resources leads to stall in operations, so we help you to renew your business, increasing your well-being and that of your employees.


  • Address: Corso Calatafimi, 633 / A
  • City: Palermo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90129
  • Region: PA
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy

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