"Marco Terranova" Wedding and Ceremony Photographer

Author's photos for emotions that remain impressed in the memory.

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Marco Terranova it's a Photographer di Marriage and Ceremony which operates a Messina and province and throughout Sicilia. He is the author of Wedding Reportage through which you can relive the emotions of your wedding thanks to a photographic story rich and intense of your most beautiful moments.


"Marco Terranova" - The emotions of your marriage transformed into indelible memories

Il Photographer per "Marco Terranova" Wedding and Ceremony, through photography, it will tell your story WEDDING SHOES bridal capturing the significant moments and atmospheres of a unique day. Leafing through the wedding album you can enjoy the best moments of a special occasion. In fact, you will relive the sounds, colors and moods that marked such a special day. Yours wedding photo service will be invaluable because it will cherish forever your best memories in a story for images rich in details and made with style and elegance.


"Marco Terranova" - The Wedding and Ceremony Photo Service with attention to every detail

Il Photographic tale of Marriage and Ceremony made by Marco Terranova will effectively and completely represent the event thanks to the wealth of details. The Photographer it will be a discreet presence, careful to capture expressions, looks, hugs, in all their naturalness and genuineness. "Marco Terranova" it will also enhance every aspect of the Ceremony. The details enrich the photographic story, therefore they will be given special care. They are in fact, elusive by nature, to give depth to one Storytelling specially packaged and to revive and enjoy sensations that time tends to erase. From facial expressions to small gestures, from fleeting glances to the details of the dress and flowers. Everything that will enrich your photo album will be taken up with great care and attention.


Reportage style, classic or designer in the Wedding and Ceremony Photographic Service

Each Book Photo of Marriage and Ceremony it has its own taste and its own aesthetic. There are several trends in the photography. It can be told through a photoshoot in aquascape report or documentary, very fashionable right now. Or you can opt for images with a more classic taste, or you can choose one copyright style and why not, too pictorial. Everyone has their validity and their reason for being. The choice depends on the character of the spouses and their aesthetic taste. Marco Terranova will realize the story of yours wedding in any language and style you wish. Taking care in any case to fully enhance every moment and return images in any case and always elegant.


Ceremony Photography for Baptism, Communion, Important Events in Messina and the province

La Ceremony Photography allows us to cherish special and fun moments of life, forever. Whenever we wish we can relive the emotions of an event by simply flipping through the album with images that concern it. It is important to be able to preserve your own story and relive it whenever you feel like it. Looking at the photo album is a simple but very intimate gesture and can give us very intense feelings. "Marco Terranova " as well as in the Wedding Photography It specializes in Baptism Photography, Communion ed Important events. He works at Messina and province, often moves throughout the Sicilia and sometimes even abroad. He is deeply passionate about his work because it allows him to meet people. Each meeting becomes a story, always different. Her Photos they tell these stories by combining action, gestures, expression, time and place in a single combination that directly touches the emotional chords. Emotions are a precious asset that deserves to be preserved over time and a story made up of images is the most effective means of restoring freshness and emotional strength to the important moments of life.


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  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98122
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy

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