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Separate collection for Respect for the environment

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La management of waste cycle and services related tobuilding are the main activities carried out in GenoVa da Eurocolors. The company, which mainly deals with the collection and the disposal of the waste, offers countless other services. Among these, in addition tobuilding, must be mentioned showroom dedicated to bathroom furniture e coatings and the sector clothing.


Waste cycle management in Genoa: the good reputation of Eurocolors is known throughout Liguria

La management of waste cycle it is an activity that must be carried out within the limits of the current regulations, and according to rules that protect theenvironmental impact. For this reason, it is a process that must be entrusted to serious and specialized firms in the collection and in waste disposal. Eurocolors, large company that deals with its different Genoese offices of multiple services, has been dedicated for years to collection, al transportation and treatment of cycle of the Rifiuti. La management of the waste to differentiate it takes place in compliance with the calendar set by the Municipality, and Eurocolors indicates from time to time what to bring and where.


Waste cycle management and construction: in Genoa, Eurocolors offers wide-ranging services

Correct management of waste cycle is at the basis of environmental respect. THE waste and waste products of urban or special origin, in order not to generate impacts, they must be differentiated, collected e disposed of in the times and ways established by law and by European directives. Eurocolors, Genoese company always attentive to recovery and the possible reuse of the waste materials, manages all the steps scrupulously. The company also deals with building 360 degrees: from construction to the sale of waterproofing, plasterwork, timber e resins.


Construction and Clothing: a company that offers useful services for the home, the person and the environment

In addition to dealing with collection, the transportation, the Recycling and the disposal of the waste, according to a punctual management of the disposal cycles, Eurocolors offers many other services. In particular, in the field ofbuilding, a specialized staff takes care of both construction, and the sale of products for construction work. Between these: timber, premixed products, pipes, resins e armor irons. Eurocolors also owns one showroom dedicated to bathroom furniture, coatings e window frames.


From waste management to work clothes: at Eurocolors you will find everything you don't know where to look

Eurocolors is a large company with 3 offices in GenoVa Nerves, Staglieno e Bolzaneto. Known for being a consolidated reference in the field of management of the waste cycles and dell 'building, at its premises it also deals with the resale of a wide variety of products. Among these, the sector clothing boasts a wide assortment of shoes and an area dedicated to Abit and at work jackets. For this reason, we also offer an exclusive Customization. Our mission is to stimulate an increasingly green lifestyle that goes in the direction ofenvironmental sustainability and the protection of natural resources. We are also able to satisfy a wide range of customers thanks to additional services ranging frombuilding all 'hydraulics.


  • Address: Via Piacenza, 84/88/89/90 Red
  • City: GenoVa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16137
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy

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