Jewellery Watchmaker Tabbacco Gioielli - Catania

Authorized Dealer Pandora Bracelets, Charms and all Collections.

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Tabbacco Jewels, In Via Etnea 301 / 303 in Catania, is Jewelry e watchmakingprestige. Most trendy Brands and classics for Jewelry e Watches who conquer the heart. Authorized Dealer Pandora: Bracelets, Charms and all Collections.

Jewelry Tabbacco Jewels in Catania - Dealer Pandora: Bracelets, charms and all Collections

Jewelry Tabbacco Jewels, in Catania, It offers you the best of Brands Jewelry e Watches carefully selected to offer always and only the best. Authorized Dealer Pandora, At Jewelry Tabbacco Jewels a Catania You'll find Charms to complete your Bracelets and all the latest collections. The Collections Pandora reflect the very essence of elegance and uniqueness with the mythical Bracelets customizable with Charms What do you desire. Jewelry Tabbacco Jewels, in Catania, choose an assortment of Watches the most prestigious brands on the market, which always renews with new collections selected by following the technological standards, constantly changing, and the fashion trends of each season.

Jewelry watchmaking Tabbacco Jewels in Catania - For Always, Only the Best for You

The February 9 1997 began the story of the Jewelry watchmaking Tabbacco Jewels, when Irene e Filippo they decided to make their dreams come true: to open a business in downtown Catania, in Via Etna. What drove them was not simply the need to open a JewelryBut the desire to give the customer what they themselves would want to find in a store: reliability, care, trust. Since opening day, every person who has crossed the threshold in Casa del Jewelry watchmaking He was considered a family member Tabbacco, A person to be heard, to be given advice. Among the treated Brands we include: Miluna, Piero Milano Jewelry, Nimei, Hamilton, Burberry, Philip Watch, Longines, Emporio Armani, Ambrosia, Morellato, Stroili Oro, Isola Bella, Ooops! Object, UnoAErre, 2Jewels, Citizen, Festina, ST Dupont, Mattia Mazza, Swarovski, Michael Kors and many other Italian and foreign Brands. Furthermore, in Catania, Tabbacco Jewels è Pandora dealer: Bracelets, charms and all Collections.

Pandora dealer Tabbacco Jewels in Catania - Style and Elegance

Pandora jewelry in Catania? You can find them by Tabbacco Jewels! In fact, Tabbacco Jewels it is in Catania Authorized Dealer Pandora: Bracelets, charms and all Collections to regalare emotions and treat yourself with style and elegance. For man and for the woman they love the attention to detail and objects by the added value,Tabbacco Jewels, in Catania, has selected the top of Italian and foreign Jewelry e watchmaking, The most prestigious brands and the quality confirmed. From the most classic to the most original jewelry and trendy, Jewelry watchmaking Tabbacco Jewels, in Catania, you will certainly find the most suitable jewel to your style, or the perfect gift.

Jewelry watchmaking Tabbacco Jewels in Catania - Reliability and Trust

Tabbacco Jewels, a Catania, is a Jewellery Clocks where you will find focus and dedication combined with perfect professionalism. The careful and accurate selection of the best Jewelry e Watches It is done keeping in mind the perfection of the cuts, processing high-quality materials and precision mechanics of watches. And if you look for Bracelets, the Charms and all Collections Pandora, You can find them by Tabbacco Jewels in Catania! The luster of a gemstone, the value of the precious metals, the high precision mechanics of the best Clocks: Jewelry watchmaking Tabbacco Jewels, in Catania, you will find only the best.


  • Address: Via Etnea, 301 / 303
  • City: Catania
  • POSTAL CODE: 95125
  • Region: CT
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


  • Fax: 095 2245732
  • VAT: 03317320871

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