"The Pendulum" Antiques and Fine gemstones

Fine details of Beauty that become Precious Memories

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Antiquities The Pendulum in Taormina, in Vicolo Zecca 7, it is a popular and renowned store antique trade e semiprecious Handcrafted that deals with Jewellery, Furnishings ed antiquity of various types: dedicated to those who appreciate the objects rich in history and created by skilled craftsmen.

specialized in sale of antiquities and in the restoration of paintings, chandeliers, antique furniture and another, The Pendulum offers only quality items in good condition and with documentation of authenticity.

Furniture and antiques connoisseurs at The Pendulum

The staff of "The Pendulum" in Taormina, highly qualified with extensive experience in the field of furniture and antiques, will guide you in the store, offering reliability, availability and passion to describe every item in every detail: furniture, paintings, statues and antiques, all original and with a story to tell.
Not only objects and furniture, but also jewelry and gemstones Handcrafted from fine workmanship, such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings in coral, onyx and agate, precious stones, silver, resin, beads setificate, Ocean or river but also cameos, jewelery with rhinestones, swarovski and much more for women who love unique and refined beauty.

Antiquity and uniqueness at The Pendulum

At the headquarters of this famous antique shop space are also vases, porcelain, furniture of all kinds, mirrors, chairs, tables, chandeliers, bags, clothes, carpets, Objects of religious, silverware, glasses, tea sets and more: a selection of antique paintings, furniture and objects that are the result of a search for beauty, for something that can satisfy the fundamental needs of customers roots and traditions.
Every customer can see the items for sale, in every detail, with maximum transparency and seek advice from an expert to choose the object that will make your home unique. The work methodology used at The Pendulum in Taormina is very close to the customer, with professional advice, service, restoration and support even after the sale.

The Pendulum in Taormina: great professionalism and courtesy

The catalog of "The Pendulum" in Taormina is very large and offers a wide selection of antiques to customers who are served every day at their headquarters. Added to this is the presence of a highly qualified and professional staff, always at your service with courtesy to resolve any questions or concerns.
For the purchase of furniture, paintings, jewelry and antiques of all kinds, choose the quality and professionalism of one of the shops specialized in Antiques - Handcrafted Jewelry and gemstones more famous in Taormina now known and appreciated for estimates, appraisals, restoration and sale of antiques, "The Pendulum" in Taormina. 


  • Address: Alley Mint, 7
  • City: Taormina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98039
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy

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