Appliances and Repair

Appliances and Repair

For the plant in your home or store is always better to rely on specialized firms for maximum safety and professionalism.
In this section TrovaWeb you can see a selection of companies that offer various services to the diverse needs of Repair and Installation for your home or shop.

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Blu Italia Water Purification - Bagheria - Palermo

Blu Italia Water Purification - Bagheria - Palermo

5.0 /5 ratings (4 votes)
, Healthy, good and quality water.

Blue ItalyIn Via dei Fiori 10 in Bagheria (PA) handles installation and maintenance of water purifiers, water softeners and water filters.

"Blu Gold Xervice Group" Water Purifiers - Palermo

4.8 /5 ratings (9 votes)
, We are what we drink ...

Blue Gold Xervice GroupIn Viale Regione Siciliana in 2464 PalermoIs Production, Maintenance and Sale Water purifiers e Installations for the Water Treatment and for Water and Beverages refrigeration, Both for domestic use and for commercial activities.

Explorer Computer - Computers and Accessories - Messina

Explorer Computer Science - Computers and Accessories

5.0 /5 ratings (7 votes)
, Informatics Professionals

Explorer Computer, With offices in 5 Messina and Province, A leader in Sales and Technical Service of Computer, Notebook, Tablet and many other accessories of Computer Science
Generating Sets Sale and Rent RI.GE.- Palermo

Generating Sets Sale and Rent RI.GE.- Palermo

4.9 /5 ratings (18 votes)
, Sale, repair and rental of Groups Generating throughout Sicily. Norma made of older generators.

Orlando RI.GE., in the province of Palermo, It is specialized in Company Sale and rental Generating Sets in Sicily. With her Mobile workshop, The company is able to perform Installation, Maintenance e Repair, as well as the Made of older generators Norma.

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Scuderi plants - Taormina

In the plant for over 10 years.

Standby Computing - Messina

4.7 /5 ratings (3 votes)
, Competence and Professionalism at the Customer Service

Standby Computing in Messina is a young and dynamic company formed by a team specialized in installation and support of computer networks, Civil electrical installations and industrial, digital terrestrial and satellite TV. Moreover, it is a well-stocked shop Hardware and Software always at the forefront with industry news and the efficient and rapid service Technical assistance.