Import Export Stockfish cod "Lofoten Air Stockfish"

The best of fish on our tables.

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Import Export e Processing of stockfish and cod, Together with Wholesale and to the Detail of Seafood products, are the main areas of expertise in which we distinguish for years "Lofoten Air Stockfish"of Genoa, reality present with its products and services throughout the national territory and beyond.

Import Export Stockfish cod "Lofoten Air Stockfish" - The best of fish on our tables

Import and Export di Stockfish and cod represent some of the successful activities and commitment from "Lofoten Air Stockfish" in the sector Fish. The company, based in Genoa, in fact it deals with Import, Processing e distribution of Fish Products. The company's focus is, in particular, on stockfish e Stockfish, purchased directly from the countries of the North, such as Norway, Denmark and Islands Fær Øer. The imported fish then undergoes numerous types of processing aimed at its conservation and marketing.

Import Export Stockfish cod "Lofoten Air Stockfish" - Fish ready to be tasted

The careful and scrupulous workings that follow theimport of cod and the Stockfish include: the rehydration the stockfish dry, the desalinizzzione of stockfish salted, freezing of wet stockfish and wet cod. This is followed by the packaging phase which, in the case of cod, takes place in polystyrene trays from 5Kg and 10 Kg and thermo-welded trays weighing between 300 and 600 grams.

Lofoten Air Stockfish also offers Selected Fresh Fish.

I Seafood products offered by the company are not limited to only stockfish and at the Stockfish, but also include a daily selection of fresh fish. In fact, the company collaborates with several fishermen from the Ligurian Riviera and is thus able to provide fresh fish selected based on the daily catch, respecting the fishing periods and the traceability of the product. Lofoten Air Stockfish is able to offer any other type of fish, coming from both the Mediterranean Sea and the North Seas.

Nutritive properties of stockfish and cod prepared for you by Lofoten Air StockFish

Lo Stockfish è selected cod ed dried in the open air: a process that keeps all its properties unaltered. È rich in protein, vitamin B, iron, calcium, it is highly digestible and helps to decrease cholesterol. The same properties are shared by the Salt cod, which is also low in fat, low in calories and, therefore, indicated in slimming diets. All operations and operations described are preliminary to the sales phase e marketing of fish be al Detail that allwholesale, guaranteeing the highest quality of the product and its properties.


  • Address: Via Sponda Nuova, 37
  • City: Genoa
  • POSTAL CODE: 15155
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy

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