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Charter In Via Alias ​​2 / F Palermo It sells all 'packaging wholesale for the Restaurants sectors, as packaging di Paper Food, Useful to restaurants, pizzerias, ice cream pastries, to those involved in catering orven for the holidays.


Wholesale Food Charter in Palermo - Disposable items

Charter In It is indeed a wholesale for the Restaurants sectors but here you can buy, besides those who work in grocery stores, bars, catering and Restaurants sectorsEven those who have jobs in the community, wine bars, medical centers and those who serve Christmas items and cleaning products of all kinds. Why limit yourself to packaging for the Restaurants sectors e packaging di of Food CardWhen this'wholesale for the Restaurants sectors also it has available gloves, gowns, to chef hats and disposable masks? A wide choice of products is available only in 'Wholesale beverage Charter In to meet the needs of all.


Wholesale Food Charter in Palermo - Catering

Charter In It is in Via Alias ​​to Palermo un wholesale for the Restaurants sectors stocked. The products it offers are of quality and buying in a wholesale for the Restaurants sectors spared definitely seen that stocks are never enough! Wholesale Food Charter in Palermo sells packaging paper for foods, candles, baskets, trays for gastronomy, pastry trays, boxes and wine bars packaging di Paper Industry Food for just in case. If you have almost done you need to work, immediately supply in this'wholesale for the Restaurants sectors.


Wholesale Food Charter in Palermo - Retail Outlets

Charter In It is the ideal solution for those who want to supply their own paper assets foods at reasonable prices. THE'wholesale to Restaurants sectors In fact it is the only one that offers low-cost items in shops, Restaurants sectors, Communities, catering, wine bars, medical centers, and then Christmas items packaging di Paper Food. Do not wait until you need is over, both at Palermo in 'Wholesale beverage Charter In always seems everything in balance, indeed even more. choose a wholesale for the Restaurants sectors like this for your purchases. Go in 'Wholesale beverage Charter In.


Wholesale Food Charter in Palermo - Wholesale Distribution

THEWholesale beverage Charter In Via Alias ​​2 / F Palermo It specializes in selling all 'Wholesale Paper Packaging for Food, of shoppers Paper Industry, Shopping bags, plastic bags, bags for wet waste, compostable bags, biodegradable, shopper cotton, etc. nell 'Wholesale beverage Charter In really find everything you need a wholesale for the Restaurants sectors It can have, including packaging di Paper Industry and the envelopes for the waste, in addition to those for example purchases of food shops customers. Furthermore, Charter In Retail is also with lots of festive items and household! A wholesale for the Restaurants sectors in 360 degrees can be found by In paper in Palermo.


  • Address: Via Alias, 2 / F
  • City: Palermo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90145
  • Region: PA
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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Council to all the excellent price-quality staff is friendly and helpful and it is everything you look for.

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