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Flavors, perfumes and aromas born to amaze the eyes and the palate.

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Delicious Typical Sicilian gastronomy with yummy dishes based on fish e first choice meat, Not Just Pasta it is the local it is also fry e hamburger joint with many goodness ready to delight your palate every day. It is found at Messina with a rich and varied takeaway menu both lunch that Dinner.


Rich gastronomy with fish dishes and a rich takeaway menu to give the best to your palate

With a very varied and delicious menu, consisting of exquisite Hamburger, first and second courses prepared with first choice meat and fresh fish, Not Just Pasta opens its doors every day to gourmets di Messina. The goal of this cozy gastronomy is only one: to savor thegastronomic excellence in all dishes offered. Excellent dishes, wide variety of ingredients selected, yummy foods and high quality in preparation. The raw material here choices are really carefully selected and combined in such a way as to create unparalleled harmonies of flavors. The menu is rich and designed for all sorts of palates: by lovers of fish to fans of the 1st choice meat, up to gourmets who cannot do without an abundant and greedy one Hamburger. Here you will taste squid rings, franceschini, shrimp, stockfish, baked chicken and an infinity of goodness based on veal, pork, vegetables and many other excellent ingredients. 

Delicacies like greedy stockfish, Tripe, stew, cod, pasta with the sepia, courses based on fresh salmon, prawns, clams, all elegantly presented to satisfy not only the palate, but also your eyes. During the day, the Gastronomy will tease you with the best proposals of typical Sicilian cuisine. In the evening, however, it will amaze you with an exquisite selection of hamburger


From fish dishes to hamburgers: all the nuances of taste in Messina 

Not Just Pasta it is a name that is all a program. The gastronomic specialities in fact, here proposals are not limited to delicious ones first dishes, but they also include delicacies meat-based main courses or fish, rustic with timeless goodness, salads with a thousand colors and an enviable assortment of hamburger with inimitable flavors. Mixed fried based on vegetables, chicken, pork or ai seafood come together here in courses of very fresh fish, As the stockfish cooked to order and with delicious courses meat of the highest quality. The elegance of the presentation of the dishes prepared is one of the strong points of the place. The experience of the takeaway food here it takes on the tastiest side dishes you could imagine.

- hamburger then represent an unmistakable strength for your evenings thanks to combinations of flavors which are skilfully harmonized to ensure explosions of taste. The drinks offered are also among the best in the food and wine market, such as i 958 Santero wines, Nero D'avola and Kronenbourg beer on tap. The cordial and kind service is another characterizing element of the restaurant that contributes to its success. Umberto e sandra they are always ready to welcome you with a smile and lots of goodness that you can no longer do without.



  • Address: Via Monsignor D'Arrigo, 50
  • City: Messina
  • Region: ME
  • POSTAL CODE: 98121
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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