"Diamond Life" alkalizing supplements

The ingredients for our well-being.

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Alkalizing supplements: they are considered the most effective remedy to safeguard the state of general well-being of our body, because they help to maintain it alkaline il Ph, helping to prevent the onset of disorders health and to stimulate physical performance.

"Diamond Life" alkalizing supplements - the ingredients for the wellbeing of the body

- Alkalizing supplements they are a precious contribution to our well-being conceived, developed and distributed by Diamond Life, an innovative Italian company. The Alkalizing supplements They are an innovative find, the result of research in the food and beverage sector human health. Their development stems from the thesis that they maintain a Ph alkaline in our organism it produces beneficial effects on its state of healthand, besides helping to prevent various diseases. The selection of natural raw materials, combined with the experience and professionalism of a special one Scientific Committee, guarantees quality levels that aim at full satisfaction of customers.

Integrators of the "Diamond Life" Universe Line - Specifically designed for sports activities

- Alkalizing supplements made by "Diamond Life" are designed to obtain a wide range of results: from the optimization of the sports performance with the Line Universe, until the improvement of the state of welfare general. The headquarters of the Production areas e Research and Development is located in the Italian territory to guarantee the consumer a product and a service that is at 100% Made in Italy. In fact, the company headquarters are located in Parma, city ​​known for its cultural, gastronomic and scientific heritage that binds it to the best Italian agri-food tradition.

"Diamond Life" alkalizing supplements - Guarantee of product safety and quality

Diamond Life is an Italian excellence that has established itself on the market thanks to the founder's passion for the care of the organism and the search for ever more effective and innovative solutions. The effectiveness of the supplements alkalizing di Diamond Life is guaranteed by the collaboration with a special Scientific Committee, formed by medical specialists. All this is combined with twenty years of experience in the sector. The Alkalizing supplements "Diamond Life" they are for everyone and, above all, they are Without GM, Gluten free, Without Allergens, Without Acesulfame K, No Sugar, Lactose-free and they are suitable for Vegetarians e Vegans. I am available in the form of: capsules, tablets, bars proteins and solutions to be mixed.

Alkalizing supplements result of a Scientific Committee of Medical Specialists

Among the main components of the Alkalizing supplements naturally occurring principles have been selected which have proved to be extremely effective for a whole range of disorders. Between these: turmeric, echinacea, calcium, vitamin D, Omega 3, vitamin k, green tea and many other very useful principles also to increase the physical performance and mental. Reliability is guaranteed by the partnership with medical specialists of international importance in the prevention and improvement of health through the use of natural products. The "Diamond Life" alkalizing supplementsfinally, they boast: formulations e patented technologies from important laboratories and the uexclusive use of the best raw materials worldwide.


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