Klaro Sandwiches in Milazzo

Taste and Authenticity by us are of the House

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Klaro Sandwiches a Milazzo is a note Sandwiches, appetizers and piadineria: best known for their tasty sandwiches, the owners of the local can boast a large loyal customer base that appreciates them for years for both the professional and courteous staff that for the genuineness and quality of the products offered.

Specialists in the preparation of piadine, sandwiches, kebabs, pasta and meat dishes, salads and snacks of various kindsAre appreciated for the speed in which they meet the demands of customers and the high quality of the ingredients used: they are discussed in a department not only the freshest meats and the best brands, but also cheese and not, vegetables of various type (oil, grilled or fresh) and sauces of all kinds, so you can choose how it will be assembled your sandwich or whatever you have chosen.

Of course you can wash it all down with a good beer or a refreshing drink!

Of course you can choose to take away your purchase or to taste on the spot perhaps sitting at the tables in the room and if you also want to grab something, you can opt for one of the many savory snacks and sweets on display: eggs and chocolate bars, candy, chips, wafers, biscuits and much more.

Ma Klaro Sandwiches in Milazzo is much more: the ideal place to have a great breakfast of croissant, bagel or puff pastry and cappuccino or hot coffee or to cool off during the summer with a excellent ice cream.

If you wish to avoid the traffic and the row and want to get directly to your home or office in your sandwich, the flatbread or salad, enjoy the home service and offered to take a little 'from the monotony of everyday life, Klaro Sandwiches in Milazzo become by night and there apetta every Saturday night: a suitable place to spend time in the company at any time of the day or night, obviously with taste.

So if you want to have a breakfast that makes you start your day or tried a local for a quick meal with sandwiches, wraps, Kebabs and much more, with high quality ingredients and with the utmost taste, choose Klaro Sandwiches in Milazzo.

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  • Address: Via Enrico Cosenz 66
  • City: Milazzo
  • POSTAL CODE: 98057
  • Province: ME
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy


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