Sicilian Crafts Souvenir "Cocciu D'Amuri" - Palermo

Unique handmade creations made by hand

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"Cocciu D'Amuri" Craft Workshop it is a craft activity a Palermo in which delicious and unique creations are made including objects for home decor, accessories personal, Sicilian coffe, souvenirs, crochet work, embroidery, costume jewelry, hats e bags made with the traditional Sicilian techniques.


 "Cocciu D'Amuri" Artisan Workshop - A treasure chest of unique creations and souvenirs

"Cocciu D'Amuri" Craft Workshop it is a young activity born in Palermo from the passion of two young artisans who love the traditional Sicilian techniques of creating artifacts. This passion has prompted Rosa Maria and Emanuela Lupo to create a craft workshop that is also a place for exposing their numerous achievements. Here, anyone interested in seeing how the handicrafts are made can come to watch the various stages of making objects for the home, for the furniture, personal accessories, costume jewelery, embroidery and crochet creations, souvenirs and many other items. unique.


"Cocciu D'amuri" - An ALAB Laboratory to promote art and redevelop the center of Palermo

Il "Cocciu D'Amuri" Laboratory adheres enthusiastically toAssociation ALAB - Associazione Liberi Artigiani-Artisti Balarm. The association aims to create a widespread and interconnected network formed by different professionals such as artisans, artists, inventors, photographers, all with a common goal: urban redevelopment of Palermo, the dissemination of culture andcreative crafts. E 'in this ambitious and virtuous project that fits the activity of "Cocciu D'amuri"with his creations that are all characterized by the uniqueness of the product.


"Cocciu D'Amuri" Artisan Workshop - Creation Laboratory and Exhibition Hall

Each craftsmanship that sees the light at the "Cocciu D'Amuri" Laboratory it is part of a vast repertoire that boasts a wide range of creations. You will find the objects for all the rooms of the house, furnishing articles, personal accessories like bagshats and the traditional Sicilian coffees. Here also articles of costume jewelry, also characterized, like everything else, by theuniqueness since here it is all done by hand. The techniques used are those of the Sicilian tradition and the owners are always happy to show them to the public curious to observe with their own eyes. 


"Cocciu D'Amuri" - The Sicilian tradition in many small masterpieces

The creations that the "Cocciu D'Amuri" Craft Workshop they include many small craft works that lend themselves to be delicious souvenirs to keep for themselves or to give away. Here you will find works of trimmings and tapestries, works of painting and weaving by hand, artifacts made with natural materials such as willow, rush, palm. You will find the Sicilian panari, the woven baskets by hand and the traditional ones Sicilian coffe. Innovation here is intertwined with tradition to create many little ones "Cocci d'amuri" as the Sicilian song recites from which this ambitious project took its name. 


  • Address: Via Principe di Scordia, 108
  • City: Palermo
  • POSTAL CODE: 90139
  • Region: PA
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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Every creation is a perfect mixture of art, craftsmanship and good taste. Bravissimo!

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Fantastic articles! Highly recommended

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