Self-service laundry - Speed ​​Queen Rometta Messina

To wash your clothes in a safe and environmentally friendly way

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La self-service laundry Speed ​​Queen di Polito Trimarchi Santos offers rometta a service reliable and environmentally friendly to clean and sanitize your clothes. It boasts an intelligent system that integrates the latest innovations in the field of home automation.

Latest generation self-service laundry in Rometta, Messina: to get perfect clothes without polluting

An secure self-service laundry ed ecologica it is the best you can find for anyone who needs to wash their own cloths, clothes and blankets outside the home environment. The Speed ​​Queen, in particular, differ in the level of automation related to security, energy and communication. A secure self-service laundry is equipped with a video surveillance system and alarm: the place is in fact filmed and connected 24 hours on 24. The machines are equipped with one ermetic closure which makes it impossible to open theporthole during the ecological washing cycles.

Automated self-service laundry: Speed ​​Queen in Messina offers a high-tech service

This secure self-service laundry ed ecologica di high professional profile, is equipped with machines whose goal is to reduce to the maximum consumption ed electric energy. Using the services of Speed ​​Queen, you will act thinking about the environment with the guarantee of an optimal result. These ecological machines they are designed to clean the textile fiber in depth and without damaging it. This allows you to keep the laundry longer and, consequently, i tissues of yours clothes they will consume less.

Intelligent washing machines that communicate efficiently: the Speed ​​Queen are equipped with a touch screen

Le Speed ​​Queen laundries present a secure system and a intelligent mechanism that connects washing machines e dryers. They are also equipped with microinformatics interface of touch screen that makes the self-service system easily usable. THE ecological washing cycles can be adjusted via loyalty card o cash. Speed ​​Queenit also offers advantages to the owner of the Laundry. The machines, in fact, offer the manager complete visibility of the machines transactions, allowing him to easily control the profitability of the premises. The efficiency of Laundry it's so high that they come to to wash here theirs capital also customers from neighboring areas such as Villafranca e Venetico.

The best washers and dryers in Messina: Speed ​​Queen guarantees impeccable laundry

La Laundry Speed ​​Queen di rometta is equipped with washing machines e dryers structured to last and produce impeccable results at each washing. Support loads a 8 to 24 kg, unlike the modest 5 kg of the washing machines domestic, with the added value of a convenient cost. All those who need to perform deep and sanitizing washes, can go to the self-service laundry di Polito Trimarchi Santos to sanitize and make clothes and fabrics of all kinds shine.


  • Address: Via Nazionale, 275
  • City: rometta
  • POSTAL CODE: 98043
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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