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Recovery of old flooring and Elements Stone

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Cannao Floors and Renovators Via Torretta in 59 Messina It is a company that deals with Grinding and Polishing, Restoration, polish e sandblasting for marble, stone, granite, brick and wood throughout Sicily.

Cannao Floors and Renovators in Messina - Sanding

Cannao Floors and Renovators It is a company with more than 50 years of experience in the field of Grinding and Polishing e polish di Pavements a Messina. Interventions Grinding and Polishing affecting marble, granite and stones. Its team of professionals carefully review the Pavements that need Grinding and Polishing a Messina and opt for the right solution for you, even if Restoration a Messina for the Pavements perfectly done.

Cannao Floors and Renovators in Messina - Restoration

Cannao Floors and Renovators is being turret Messina the perfect company to turn to for Restoration di Pavements Concrete old, marco, mosaics, brick and so on. The Restoration is in fact one of its specializations because it is always busy both monuments of places of worship and private homes in Messina. Cannao Floors and Renovators ensures professionalism unmatched in the field of Restoration with its customized solutions according to your needs.

Cannao Floors and Renovators in Messina - Polishing

Thanks to the work of Cannao Floors and Renovators, After the polish clean Pavements a Messina It will be a breeze. Fatigue will be a distant memory because Cannao Floors and Renovators a Messina uses innovative treatments that simplify customers' lives. It is available polish terrazzo, tiles, Palladian, terraces, marble, granite, agglomerates to eliminate imperfections. Use chemicals with suitable machines that allow you to arrange the Pavements in the best way. Say goodbye to staining, grooves, scratches of Pavements with Cannao Floors and Renovators.

Cannao Floors and Restoration Professional Treatments in Messina - Sandblasting

The company Cannao Floors and Renovators Via Torretta in 59 Messina It operates with aerobrasivi methods such as sandblasting, sandblasting, Blasting to clean the walls damaged by vandalism, graffiti and pollution because of the smog. There sandblasting It is a low-pressure cleaning system that allows you to adjust the effects of abrasion. Cannao Floors and Renovators thanks to sandblasting then do some real work Restoration of any party appears now irrecoverable. There is nothing that I can not save, so seek advice from a Cannao Floors and Renovators in Messina.


  • Address: Via Torretta, 59 - Bordonaro
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98145
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy

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