Kindergarten Paritaria "The Kingdom of the Elves" - Messina

The ideal place for learning of your kids!

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"The Kingdom of the Elves", In the center of Messina, it's a Kindergarten Paritaria and Game Room highly qualified to provide the best service to mothers!

Maternal and school Game The Kingdom of Elves in Messina is the ideal place for early childhood thanks to its staff trained and specialized completeness of the facilities available, offering educational and entertainment and safety guaranteed by the highest respect for the rules of hygiene!


"The Kingdom of the Elves" - Game and activities for early childhood

In Kindergarten The Kingdom of Messina Elves there is a novelty: it has become private school. The peculiarity of this kind of institution is the effectiveness and quality of its services and to fully respond to the training needs of the families. Private schools are in fact free to decide as a cultural orientation and pedagogical address follow, obviously responding to the principles of the Constitution. The goal is to let anyone who wants to sign up, with corresponding educational program, including disabled students.The Kingdom of the Elves", In MessinaHas highly qualified personnel in the field of education and a wide range of educational services and entertainment to make learning fun, in addition to a well-established collaboration with the Studio Pediatric Hammers! In the spacious premises of Kindergarten Paritaria children are involved in educational and recreational activities specifically designed to develop their cognitive faculties.

"The Kingdom of the Elves" - Many amenities and services

"The Kingdom of the Elves"Messina, is a Kindergarten Paritaria and Game Room from the extremely comfortable and colorful, and offers large and bright spaces for learning and play, with a nice cafeteria which serves food of the highest quality and highest hygiene standards, as well as a cozy "sleeping area" for the afternoon nap. Among other services:

  • Pizza Party starts at 20: 00 at 23: 00
  • Pop Cartoons by 17: 00 20 to: 00
  • Nutella Party - inflatables
  • board games - table football
  • birthday party theme
  • baby parking - canteen - after school
  • English lessons - workshops - baby chef
  • art-reading workshops - organization of trips
  • baby dancing - summer grest - mothers club
  • annual meeting with the pediatric study hammers (16 May)


"The Kingdom of the Elves" - Professionalism and Safety

"The Kingdom of the Elves" Kindergarten Paritaria and Game Room in the center of Messina, and offers maximum service training - teaching for early childhood thanks to the preparation of its personnel, the use of animation techniques and learning to date, as well as the attention given to the development of skills of positive interrelationship among children. Moms can rest assured: The Kingdom of the Elves is a protected and comfortable they have access to only the staff and parents, and to respect the basic rules of hygiene and safety of the premises. In addition, all the toys, the colors and materials used in recreational activities are non-toxic and carefully selected for safety of your little ones.
For the fun and learning of your children choose one of the most popular and best referenced in the city; choose "The Kingdom of the Elves" Kindergarten Paritaria and Game Room in Messina.


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  • Address: Via Santa Cecilia, 119
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98123
  • Province: ME
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Country: Italy


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