Butcher Rosticceria Polli alla Spiedo "Le Nostre Bontà"

Goodness, tradition and typical products.

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"Our Goodness" It proposes to Gualtieri, Province of Messina, one well stocked Butcher and rotisserie which offers the best fresh meat of the area, rustic and typical products of Sicilian gastronomy, as well as excellent and fragrant Chickens on the spit.

Macelleria Rosticceria "Le Nostre Bontà" - Goodness and Tradition at Gualtieri Sicaminò

Macelleria Rosticceria "Le nostre Bontà" is a very tasty activity located in the province of Messina, a Gualtieri, which is now a point of reference for all lovers of genuine taste and goodness. The well stocked Butcher's shop offers only fresh meat of the highest quality, preferring local products, for their genuineness and loyalty to the Sicilian gastronomic tradition.

Butcher Rosticceria "Le Nostre Bontà" - All the flavors of Sicilian gastronomy

La Rosticceria "Le Nostre Bontà" is a faithful custodian of the traditional preparation techniques of the most popular products of Sicilian gastronomy, much loved throughout Italy and even beyond national borders. Here they are prepared with dedication arancini, mozzarella in carriage, puff pastry, the renowned pidoni messinesi, focaccia, potatoes and croquettes, scones, salads, sandwiches and many other delicacies that have always conquered the palate of adults and children.

Crispy Spit-roast chickens always available at "Le nostre Bontà"

Among the specialties that the Macelleria Rosticceria "Le Nostre Bontà" prepare for you daily you will also find fragrant Chickens on the spit cooked to perfection in such a way as to be always crisp, aromatic and fragrant. You can order them and take them away with a wide assortment of potatoes and croquettes from the innumerable shapes and tastes.

"Our Bontà" knows how to satisfy your palate with its specialties

A real gastronomic offer at 360 ° is what you will find every day at "Our goodness" to Gualtieri. From fresh meat, to ready-to-eat preparations at home, to spit-roasted chickens and countless delicacies DeliHere everything is prepared to satisfy your palate.


  • Address: Via Roma, 10
  • City: Gualtieri
  • POSTAL CODE: 98040
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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